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|PR & Disclosure|

The Shropshire Stylist is all about helping every woman look great.  For many years I've been asked by friends and family to help them choose outfits or build their wardrobes and now I'm offering this service to the women of Shropshire. I trained as a personal stylist whilst in Perth and had the opportunity to work with lots of fabulous women.
The blog behind The Shropshire Stylist  is packed with outfit ideas, styling and beauty advice and all within the ethos that "it's not what you wear it's the way that you wear it".

PR - The Shropshire Stylist blog is a fashion and style blog based in Shropshire, UK. I would be thrilled to hear from you if you have a business/product/service that you'd like me to write about.  I'm open to invitations and am basically a very nosy person, which I believe is not a bad thing when you're a blogger.

We have collaborated with many Australian brands including Katies, Millers, Rainbird Clothing, Select Specs, Vision Direct, Rockmans to name but a few and we're keen to do the same over here in the UK.

The Shropshire Stylist is happy to -

  • send you a media kit with our rates
  • offer sidebar advertising
  • offer giveaways for your product
  • write sponsored posts about your product, as long as it fits into our niche.

Readers - If I'm gifted an item to try out and I decided to write about it, you will know this.  If I'm compensated for writing about a subject, the post will start with a disclosure to this effect.

However, if you read about things I've bought, or products I love and you don't see that I've been gifted them, I spent my (or my husband's) money on those things.

My mum always told me that honesty is the best policy, and I agree.  So, I have a full disclosure policy with those companies that I work with.

The Shropshire Stylist will not write about products of services that I don't like, or don't appeal to my readers.

And if you want to know more, please email me at

That's all folks!