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I'm Vicki and I'm super happy that you've stopped by to check out my blog, The Shropshire Stylist.

The Shropshire Stylist is all about making every woman look and feel great.  Tall or short, big or small, we all want to leave the house feeling like we can take on the world. 

Stuff about me

I am a 40-something mother of three little darlings, hailing from the UK.  We moved to Perth just over six years ago after a short stint living in Bucharest, Romania.  We returned to our country home in Shropshire in the summer of 2016 and I'm currently enjoying doing some personal styling and the country life.

I am terrified of butterflies.  Don't ask why - I have absolutely no idea.

I am trained as a Quantity Surveyor but my heart has always yearned to be in the fashion industry.

I was once attacked by a swarm of bees outside my daughter's kindy.  Very scary and my face swelled up like a balloon.

I am a handbag hoarder.

Oh and shoes.  Shoes are my other obsession.

Stripes are my weapon of choice.  If all other outfits fail - wear stripes.

Where to go from here...

If you're looking for my latest blog post, try here.

Some of my most popular posts are right here.

I really hope you'll stick around and enjoy a few of my posts and if you'd like a chat ( I do!!)  feel free to email me on
Vicki xx