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Leather Bags with a Heart

I know you know I love leather bags.  I rarely buy cheapie pleather as they just don't make me happy. I honestly believe that the key to a great outfit is a great bag, and a fake leather one doesn't cut it for me.

Of course, buying real leather isn't always going to come cheap for either your pocket and the environment.  So I've sourced those brands that have a heart but produce beautiful quality leather bags too.

The first of these is working hard to do its bit - The Loyal Workshop.  Stunningly simply satchels, produced by a group of female artisans who have been shown the support of this brand.  Many of them are embroiled in a life of abuse, poverty and oppression and The Loyal Workshop are working with them, slowly and gently, to extricate them from it.  Read more about their incredible story here.

The Companion £130

There are many ways that you can join The Loyalty Workshop in supporting these women.  Buy a bag, become an advocate and more.  

Next up is MAHI. Not only are all their leather bags priced perfectly at between eighty and one hundred and twenty pounds but their manufacturing process will put a smile on more than just your face.

Every MAHI bag is created specifically for you by their craftsmen - no middle men, or extended supply chain and no repeat shipping.  You order, they make, and it comes to your door, simple.

Not only this, they also donate $1.50 from each bag sale to FRANK, a water charity based here in the UK which has helped over 300,000 people get access to clean water since it started in 2005. If you want to find out more about FRANK water, visit this link and see the amazing things they do.

Of course, this is all well and good, but if the bags aren't all that then I'm wasting my time telling you about them.  Well they are actually really lovely.

All of the bags have a beautiful vintage vibe and are created in soft natural leather with brass fittings. And this is where I got a little excited - you can personalise them with your initials.

If leather isn't for you (and I get it, it's not for everyone), then check out Matt and Nat who have a huge range of edgy bags that are made from vegan leather.  All of their designs are now made from 100% recycled plastic which is just incredible.  Such a commitment to sustainability should make us all take a step back from fast fashion and question where and how we spend our hard earned moola.

With a simple style and a great range of colours, I'm tempted to try one of Matt and Nat's bags and see if I can be tempted away from my love of leather. My favourite two are pictured below.

Abiko Azure £65

The Gloria £115

Have you come across any brands that warm your heart lately?



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