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When push comes to shove, I'm pretty lazy, so anything that makes my life simpler is a winner in my books.

 When asked if I'd like to try out their new dog food for my pooches, I said "HA!" too late! I'm already onto it and have been feeding them Tails for a couple of months.

 I'm sure you've met my dogs on here before, but just in case you haven't, please meet Dixie, the three year old Australian Staghound - affectionately known around here as Dufus. She's a BIG dog, is Dixie, and a typical lurcher style creature - she's either sleeping or racing around at full speed, there is no inbetween.

Jessie is our lovely old girl and we think she may be an Irish Wolfhound cross. We're not entirely sure as, like Dixie, she's a rescue dog. She is 11 and we've had her for around 10 years now. She's slowing up and suffers with her joints, but there's no stopping her when she spots small furry creatures on our woodland walks!

Both dogs are different which means they both have different nutritional needs and this is where really excels. When you sign up on their website, it prompts you to create a profile for each of your dogs including their age, breed, any health issues, and even their favourite flavour.  The dry food is custom blended to suit your pup and you get a full nutritional breakdown when you've completed their profile.  All of the food is made in the UK and you can find a list of their ingredients here.

When your food arrives (free delivery, straight to you door!), it's labelled with their name and comes with a measuring jug so you give them exactly the right amount.

And you know that feeling on a Sunday night when all the shops have closed - yes, the one where you suddenly realise you forgot to buy the dog food?  It's not like forgetting to buy something for your dinner - the dogs can't make do with a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes....  Well, you'll never have that feeling again, as do all the work for you and your deliveries are scheduled.  You can check when your next month's worth of food is due to arrive, make any changes that you might need to, then sit back, smug in the knowledge that's another thing you don't have to worry about.

I can't recommend highly enough - the dogs both love it, I love the convenience and the fact the dogs are enjoying a high quality product.  Here's me, feeling smug, just off to walk the doggies! Oh, and honestly, how can anyone go outside in this weather without a hat on? I struggle to find beanies that don't look ridiculous on my huge head, but I'm rather pleased with this one - definitely my winter essential.

If you want to try for yourself (or rather for your dog!), use the code VICKISB3 to get a free two week trial completely free!  It only costs a pound for delivery, you're not tied in at all and you can see if your dogs love as much as mine.



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