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5 Things That Are Ruining Your Hair

things that ruin your hair

I have had my hair pretty much every colour under the sun.  Except green.  Never fancied that.  In my younger days, I'd dye it black (or that awesome shade of 1990's burgundy), crimp the life out of it and fancy myself the bastard child of Siouxsie Sioux.  I've made plenty of hair mistakes throughout my life and I know that I'm still making a few at the moment.

We all do them.  We all make the kind of mistakes that are trashing our hair on a daily basis.  So read on, people and find out what you're doing that's making your hair unhappy.

Lying to your hairdresser
Don't pretend you don't do this. I know you do.  

"When did you last get a cut?"  Errr.....if I tell you it was over a year ago you'll judge me and shave my head. 
"Around 3 months ago, I think, I've been so busy!". LIAR!

"Do you dye this at home?"  Ummm....if I tell her I use the cheapest off the shelf colour and that's why I've got such awful colour banding, she'll shave my head.  
"I used to, but then got it done at a salon and they ruined it."  LIAR!

"What conditioner do you use?"  If I tell her I use that huge bottle of pink stuff that I buy for my kids she'll think I'm such a cheapskate.  
"Kerastase, though I ran out a couple of weeks back and haven't had a chance to remortgage the house". LAIR!

Lying to your hairdresser will mean you end up with significantly worse hair than if you'd told the truth.  If she knows you use a box colour, she can more accurately predict what will happen when she applies colour.  If she knows you're a lazy mare and never go to the hairdresser, she can adjust the cut so it lasts longer.  See?  (I'm not sure it matters if you tell the truth about the Kerastase, but I'm always scared she'll judge me if I say Tresemme - they're salon products, right?)

You wash it too often
This is one I'm not actually getting wrong.  I only wash my hair a couple of times a week.  The rest of the time, it nestles on top of my head like a home for stray birds.  Trying to wash it anymore would be a waste of time as it ends up looking the same after a day anyway.

You really only need to wash it twice or three times a week.  All the hot water causes your scalp to produce more oil and so it needs washing even more!  

Make friends with dry shampoo and learn how to tie a great headscarf, you hair will love you for it.

You use too much shampoo
When you have enough hair for a small village, like me, it's very tempting to use too much of everything in it.  It doesn't actually ruin your hair, but it's a waste of Kerastase to use a great big handful.  I've done a fair bit of research recently, and apparently a fifty pence piece blog is plenty.  You only need to shampoo your scalp and let the suds rinse through the rest of your hair as you wash it out.

Use the right shampoo, too.  I can tell a huge difference if I have to pinch hubby's "Head and Shoulders for normal hair" instead of my ultra hydrating, moisturising shampoo.  Make the effort to choose the right type for your hair.

You attack it post washing
I recently started combing my hair whilst still in the shower.  I use a wide tooth comb and go through it whilst my conditioner is in.  This works well for my curly hair because I diffuse it dry, rather than blow dry it with a brush.

You need to be gentle with your hair when it's wet as it's at its most vulnerable.  Attacking it with a brush will cause it to stretch and snap.

And play it cool with the hot tools.  You don't need to straighten ALL of your hair EVERY day.  Sometimes you can get away with just tarting up the fringe and leaving the rest au naturale.

Not protecting it from the elements
You protect your skin, but not your hair?  No wonder it's feeling dry and brittle.  Some leave in conditioners have built in sun screen so blast your hair with that if you're spending a day in the sun.  Of course, now that it's getting colder, the harsh winds and elements can damage your hair too -  keep it tucked in a scarf or hat on those cold winter's days.

How's your hair looking at the moment?  


  1. Great tips Vicki...I have to hold my hand up and confess I did fall into the camp of dying my own hair. These days I have a regular (non-negotiable) 6 week appts with my hair guru. He never tries to sell me product (although, I do buy Kerastase and use it sparingly - their Nector Thermique is the BEST hair protector on the planet) and offers copious amounts of champagne - which makes him pretty perfect in my book! xx

    1. If you can get into the routine of a 6 week appointment I think you've got it nailed. I'm absolutely doing this with my stylist.

  2. I tortured my hair in my youth, going from platinum to black and everything in between . . . (where were all the affordable pinks and purples back in those days??) I'm due a good cut and colour but totally agree on the washing, I've got it down to twice a week and dry shampoo is my BFF.

    1. I know right? It used to cost me a fortune to dye my hair back then haha! I'm starting to realise that as I get older a good cut and colour is absolutely necessary.

  3. Right now my hair is in desperate need of a colour and trim, but the time thing is true! I'm so bad with the straighteners too... GAH!

    1. Haha, I love that everyone is giving me their hair confessions!x

  4. I think hairdressers know when they are being lied to - lol, they're just too tactful to say so!

    My confessional - I don't use SPF in my hair! But now I know my mistake I'll give an SPF leave in conditioner a try!

  5. Someone suggested conditioning before shampooing to me the other idea. No idea why or if it would work. I really need to find a half decent product to keep the natural curl in and save me styling time.


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