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Welcome to The Shropshire Stylist

I'm sure that 99% of the people reading this blog are thinking, what the heck is going on?  Where did The Fashionable Mum go??  Well, it's still me, but now that we're back in the UK (5 weeks in, loving it!) it seemed the right time for a new start.

Shropshire is where we're at - a beautiful midlands' county with lots to offer in terms of scenery, history and heritage.  But what about style, because of course, style is what this blog has always been about?  Whether it's styling yourself, your hair, your make-up or your life, this little corner of the internet is here to help you make the best of yourself.

As a trained personal stylist, I can't help myself but to offer fashion advice to women (whether they asked for it or not - this might get me in trouble one of these days!).

Shropshire Style will always have a little of the countryside to it - after all, I live right opposite the river Severn, and within spitting distance of the historic town of Bridgnorth.  I'll be hunting down Shropshire's biggest style secrets and sharing them with you.

If you're one of my wonderful Australian readers, then feel free to stick around - I'll still be offering everyday style advice with a huge helping of humour (we don't take ourselves too seriously around here).

I'm keen to seek out my #shropshirestylesquad so I'll be keeping an eye out for other stylists/bloggers keen to collaborate, and bring you the best of what Shropshire has to offer.

I'll be offering personal styling session in the months to come so stick around for some great opening special offers.


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