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Rocking it in Rockmans

There's nothing more fun than shopping with friends, is there?  Well, actually there is.  And that's when the shopping comes courtesy of one of our favourite high street brands.

Rockmans, with their accessible prices and increasingly edgy range, have been a long time favourite with me.  But lately, they have upped their style stakes considerably with lots of on-trend faux leather and classic autumn colours.

Rockmans, being the superstars that they are, offered to send me and a group of ladies in need of a style boost shopping to check out their new AW16 ranges and their rather superb sale.

I took three ladies with me, all of whom were new to the Rockmans brand and had never had a personal styling before.  They were a little sceptical that we'd find something for everyone's different taste, but with three instore brands (Rockmans, Table Eight and BeMe, I was definitely going to convince them!)

One of the best bits of being a stylist is convincing someone to try something new - it might be a new shape of jeans, or a different colour palette - and them absolutely loving it.

(all the styles that you see here may not be available at all Rockmans stores, but in my experience they all tend to hold a fabulous range of stock)

Juli is a mum of two and self confessed "mummy-dresser".  She recently started working full time in a semi-formal office environment and was looking for a few key pieces to overhaul her existing wardrobe.

She carries her weight around her middle, and so cracking the art of layering is key for her to be comfortable with her shape.  She does have amazing long slim legs and so I put her in the Rockmans coated jeans which looked fantastic on her.

Because of her colouring, I convinced her to try to soft camel and terracotta tones and I think they look fabulous.

Catherine is an apprentice hairdresser, and so she needs to look well presented, yet edgy, at all times.  Her work uniform has to be black so I styled her in a few of Rockmans key winter pieces.  Catherine is a pear shape so we balanced out her shape with some longer scarves and layers.  She was completely smitten with all of the leather-look biker jackets that are in store right now which fit with her fashionable look.

Tanya is a nurse and mum to two.  She has a casual vibe and likes to keep things comfortable and easy to wear to fit in with her crazy busy lifestyle.  The Rockmans biker leggings were a big hit with her, even though she usually wears a bootleg jean.  The longline burnt orange sleeveless cardigan found its way home with her and will be a key layering piece over many black pieces that she already owns.

All the ladies were seriously happy with their purchases (of which there were many!) and we celebrated our style success with a well earned iced chocolate.

Have you checked out Rockmans lately?  You'll be surprised to find there really is something for everyone of all shapes and sizes and all ages, too.  My models ranged from 17 through to the best side of 40 and everyone was grabbing items off the rack!

Thank you to Rockmans and especially the store at Warwick Grove for putting up with us for two hours.


  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun and you've styled these ladies perfectly. Can't wait to see more.

  2. The ladies look lovely in their new looks!

  3. What a fun activity and the ladies all looked great in their new pieces!


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