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Help Mum Get Her Glow Back this Mother's Day!

If your mum is like most, she is over-worked, over-stretched and over-committed.  We put so much on ourselves and it's very difficult to find time to have a break.  It's so easy to put yourself at the bottom of the list when you have a family and work to juggle.  So if your mum is looking a little less glowy than she should, help her get it back with these Mothers' Day ideas.

But I'm penniless!

Cook her favourite meal.
There's nothing nicer than getting home from work to find that someone else has cooked dinner for you and family, it's seriously the nicest treat. If you're not the best cook, grab some pre-made pizza bases, and a few fab toppings - everyone loves pizza.

Give her a facial.
Sort out your nicest beauty products, including a scrub, face mask and some delicious smelling oils.  Take mum somewhere peaceful (i.e. no kids!) in the house and give her a delicious facial.  You don't need to be a therapist to give a great facial at home, just mimic any facial that you've ever had and mum will be glowing and happy!  The plus for you is that your hands will be as soft as a baby's bottie when your done.

These Goodness* skincare products are delicious, well price and available at Priceline

Take the kids away.
You could do this for a mummy friend who's seriously pulling her hair out.  Take her kids away for an hour or two, ideally cycling or to a playground so that they're knackered when you bring them home.  Even better, take loads of snacks for them so the mum doesn't have shouty hungry kids when they get back.

Give her a manicure.
Just like the facial, it's super easy to give a manicure and I guarantee you have all the things you need in your bathroom cabinet already.  A hand and arm massage will be the icing on the cake.

Take her out for a coffee.
Ten bucks, two coffees and hour spent with your most favourite person - what's not to love?

I can spare a few bucks.

 Treat her skin to a little treat.

Trilogy skincare are one of my favourite brands, and they're such good value.  Grab a couple of their products from Priceline, stick them in a fancy bag and your mum will be thrilled - I know I would be!

Take her to the movies.
Everyone is talking about the movie Mother's Day at the moment - I'm off to see it this week with a friend.  Buy some special choccies and treat mum to a couple of hours peace and quiet with a great film.

Start her Jet Empire obsession.
If your mum has never experienced Jet Empire Jewellery then now's the time to get her something a little special.  The Enjoy the Silence bracelet is just $45 (and there's 20% off this week too!) and features semi precious beads and darling silver tone charms.

Money is no object when it comes to my mum!

Fill her home with music.
I recently came across the Yamaha MusicCast network audio system.  A range of speakers that you control from an app - so cool and simple to use.  I love the idea of the little WX-030 which a sleek little speaker with a huge, rich sound.  Perfect for moving around the house with you.

A weekend away!
If you can persuade your mum to ditch her real life for a couple of nights, take her somewhere special and enjoy a bit of one on one time.

I've just come back from Sydney - first time I've ever been there and had an amazing time.  Keep your eyes peeled for cheap flights and whisk her away!

Luxury salon style treatments at home.
If your mum is serious about her skincare, I'm betting she's going to love the Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion system.  It's a salon quality (who has time to go to the salon??) tool that using diamond tips to exfoliate and a gentle vacuuming system to clear away the dead skin cells.  After three weeks your mum's skin will be looking glowing and gorgeous.

Microdermabrasion rejuvenates and refreshes the skin, leaving it ready to produce new skin cells.The Homedics Radiance takes just 5 minutes per treatment, and is rechargeable so you can use it on the move.  Handheld and rather pretty to look at, the Radiance has 4 speed settings which you can gradually increase as your skin gets used to the treatment.

The Homedics Radiance* is $249 and you can find it in Myer, Shavershop and other great retailers.

What are you treating your mum to this mothers' day?

*denotes a product that I was given for trial purposes.  I only feature products that I love.


  1. Great gift guide. I love the look of the Homedics system.

  2. I like the movie idea! I have my MIL sorted but not my mum yet, bad daughter that I am! I am wishing for a new slow cooker for Mother's Day since I broke mine yesterday.

  3. We're having Mum and my mum in law over for a nice lunch with a couple of little gifts each . . .


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