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Beauty Tips I Learnt from my Mum

Mum's are a font of all knowledge, and in my case my mum was a wealth of beauty tips and ideas.

She never knowingly left the house without a full face of make up - applied with a tiny hand mirror at the kitchen window, whilst she made breakfast.  She always looked immaculately put together.

These are the tips I learnt from her, lots of which I still put into practice today.

  • When you wake up and your "face is like a bag of spanners" (her words, not mine!), give it a quick massage with your moisturiser.  If your brow bone is sagging onto your eyelids - oh, the joys of being over 40 - lift them with your thumbs whilst simultaneously closing your eyes.  This miraculous little trick when performed for around ten seconds will make your look wide awake - try it!
  • Eyebrows are super important for framing your face.  Don't go too dark or you'll end up looking like Groucho Marx - a constant source of fear in my youth......
  • Leave your eyebrows the fuck alone, anyway!  If they're more "Sam the Eagle" than Sam Harris then just get a TEENSY bit of a tidy up. And that's all....
  • A lipliner will always help stop your lipstick bleeding, but don't go too far over the line of your lip
  • If you have a spare five minutes, whack some cucumber slices or cold, used teabags on your eyes to reduce their puffiness - I swear all mums tell their daughters this and it's such a great tip!
  • I spent much of my formative youth rinsing my hair with vinegar to give it an extra boost of shininess. I've not idea if this actually works but it did leave my fancying fish and chips all day long.
  • Never pick a spot.  Ever.  At all. No matter how tempting it is.  It always ends up on disaster.
  • Mum used to do a DIY facial for me consisting of a bowl of steaming hot water, laced with whatever essential oil she had knocking around.  It's a great way of clearing the pores and giving skin a glow - just don't lean too far forward and burn the end of your nose.  Just sayin'.....
  • My final beauty tip from my mum was that you really don't know how beautiful you are until that beauty starts to fade.  Enjoy your youthful skin and let it shine rather than disguising it with layers of product.  When you're over 40 THEN you'll need the products!

What beauty tips did your mum share with you?


  1. Always blow dry your hair upside down for more volume and don't ever file your nails in public

    1. That made me laugh - why can't you file your nails in public?

    2. Because it's gross! Showering people with ground up nail! (I mean like on a bus or similar)

  2. If I'd left my eyebrows the fuck alone, they would be mono brows by now. I do regret going so heavy handed with them though now that they are full of gaps.

  3. Oh how I wish I could leave my spots alone .... I don't have daughters (2 boys here) but I wonder what they would be saying about me if they did a post like this as adults ... doesn't bear thinking about lol


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