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Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - How to host an Absolutely Fabulous one!

When was the last time you pulled out all the stops and hosted an event?  An afternoon tea or a dinner party for all your closet friends?  Australia's Biggest Morning Tea is a great excuse to get together with friends and raise money for a great charity too. Cancer Council WA work to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer, through advocacy, research, education and providing people affected by cancer with support to enhance their quality of life. 

If you want to get involved, I've got the best tips to be an Absolutely Fabulous* hostess, a la Patsy and Edina – who wouldn't want to go to an event hosted by these amazing style icons? Register your event at The Biggest Morning Tea and you're ready to get hosting!

Who to invite?

Everyone you know, of course!  Don't discriminate, or eliminate, get everyone to participate!  Your work colleagues, your mates, your neighbours, your gran and grandad, even the bloke on the bus who smells a bit funny.  If you know even the most minor of celebrity, you must convince them to come along - tell them you're making chocolate crackles and they'll be sold.

What to eat?

Ideally, you won't eat anything at all, but just drinking bottle after bottle of Bolly.  If that's out of your budget, Whispers is a great alternative at only five bucks a bottle - no one will know the difference!

Whispers.  Just like Bollinger, only Australian.  And not Champagne....

I'm sure there will be those ridiculous people there that aren't interested in getting wasted on a Wednesday, so just knock up some instant coffee, the cheaper the better. (Most definitely don't think about getting coffee from Jura, this year’s amazing sponsor for the Australia Biggest Morning Tea.  Jura produce absolutely fabulous coffee machines, they even have one that you can order your coffee via an iPad before you get home….oh and they're donating $50 from every domestic machine sold throughout April and May - what a super bunch of chaps!).

If your buddies tend to get a little rowdy on the sauce, then you will have to offer them a nibble or two.  Apparently in Australia, fairy bread is the thing to serve at all the best soirées and if you want to make it extra special, use French bread to keep in with the theme. To help you along, I've made a little video on how to make the pain de fee.

You might want to serve something a little savoury to go alongside the fairy bread, so crack open the Cheezels and don't skimp on the Jatz.  

ABFAB HINT: use processed cheese on the crackers, to save time on cutting – more time for enjoying that bubbly!

What do I need to host an Ab Fab tea?

I recently had a big old clear out and sold a couple of my vintage tea sets to a young lady who had her birthday coming up.  She'd experienced cancer in her close family, and was planning to host a Biggest Morning Tea as her birthday party.  She was keen for her friends to know how close the subject was to her heart.  I couldn't have wished for my tea sets to go to a nicer home.

BUT, you don't need vintage China for your absolutely fabulous morning tea!  Any left over Minions party plates and Dora plastic cups will be just perfect. (maybe that's not the right mix, I don't think Dora is the evil master that the Minions are looking for....)   Everyone enjoys drinking champagne from plastic cups don't they, they're so much lighter to hold!

ABFAB HINT: to save money and raise more for charity, reuse the plastic cups – make do and mend, I say!

What to wear

As a stylist, I've obviously put a lot of thought into this part of your Biggest Morning Tea and I have some Patsy-tastic advice to ensure you look your best whilst handing out those Cheezels.

Wear heels.  They're a must for looking elegant at your soirée, even though you might slip on a bit of cheese and twist you ankle, you don't want to be caught out in flatties.  Keep some ice in the freezer for any foot related mishaps.

Wear a low cut top.  You'll be bending down, dishing out the tea and coffee so make the most of your assets by wearing a deep v neckline, a la Patsy.

Wear a light colour, ideally plain white.  Don't fret about drips and spills, no-one will notice once the Whispers starts flowing!

Wear your hair down, real friends don't mind finding a hair or two in their fairy bread.

ABFAB HINT:  if you don't have a tight white frock to wear, then how about convince your hubby to serve the coffee and champagne wearing just a Biggest Morning Tea apron.  That's sure to get the atmosphere buzzing!

Get your official merchandise, including aprons, at Coles - find your stockist here

What do I do with the huge amount of money I've raised?

You could go and but the new pair of Louis Vuittons that you've had you're eye one, or you could do the right thing and donate every penny raised to Cancer Care…..have a look here to see how your money can help.

If your fairy bread was really off the Richter and you raise over $500, you'll automatically go in the draw to win a Jura Ena Micro 90 one touch coffee machine worth $1,399 - perfect for making those espressos after a night on the champers. All you have to do is bank your money by the 1st of July to be in with a chance to win.

I hope I've provided you with enough inspiration to host your own Biggest Morning Tea, Ab Fab style.  Of course I'm only joking about the instant coffee and the cheezels - you can find some rather more fitting inspiration for recipes and hosting ideas at the Biggest Morning Tea website.  (I'm not joking about the apron bit though, definitely doing this!) Thanks to Kids Bussiness for hosting the Bloggers' Brunch and providing unlimited JURA coffee to enjoy!

Have a great day, Dah-ling!

*I sincerely hope know who Patsy and Edina are, and you don't think I've turned into a drunken sloven who sits around all day eating Cheezels and necking Whispers from the bottle - if you're even slightly confused, see here for more Absolutely Fabulous information.


  1. OMG your YouTube is hilarious.

    1. Thanks Raych, it's funny what ideas come to you when you're completely sleep deprived isn't it?

  2. Yes I have hosted one of these at home 4 years ago with blogging friends and family. It was cool. The Cancer Council certainly helps with the promotion. Good luck for all those who have one in 2016.

    1. Well done you! The Cancer Council are making it easier and easier to do - you can register online now and there's even an app!

  3. I've never hosted one of these because I've never quite known how to. Now I know! No excuses for me next year ...

    1. Yes! Get on it next year, would love to see some photos - Cheer Chick Charlie could host it :-D

  4. Oooohh, sadly I never got to go to an Australia's biggest morning tea, despite growing up there! I think it's time to get my aussie crowd also living in my OS area and host our own big morning tea! Sounds absolutely fabulous. Any excuse for some bubbles!

    1. That would be amazing ,and yes, any excuse for a glass or two of fizz - clink!x


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