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The Cutest Statement Bags under $100

Because I now have an enormous amount of time on my hands, with the kids being back at school, and all, the natural way for me to spend it is online shopping.  Well, that's not strictly true - it's more like online window shopping.

Don't tell me you don't do this?  Fill your virtual basket with all kinds of things you adore then look at the total and think WTF?!!!???  I do it all the time - best way to waste an hour and avoid walking the dogs or doing the washing.

Anyway, I figured you might like to see what I'm dumping in my imaginary basket this week - it's all about the handbag.  But not just any bag - it's a statement bag that makes your outfit pop.  I've chosen the cutest and the quirkiest to give your summer outfits a lift - let me know if you love them!

Here are my top picks from my favourite online stores - all bags are under $100, too!

Skinny Dip Bag (Check out those Pantone on trend colours!), Asks, $68

Fiorelli Huxley Bag, $94.93

Face Print Zippered Clutch, Marks and Spencer, $51

Spectacles Shopper, Marks and Spencer, $78

Mia Cross Body Bag, Boohoo, $24

Bespoke Gypsy Bag, reduced to $999, Bohemian Traders

Is there a bag that you have your eye on at the moment?

This post contains affiliate links, oh, and it's my birthday today!


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  2. Ooh yes to the Skinny Dip bag and the Fiorelli Huxley - so cute!

    1. I can't get over the pink shopper with the specs - I want it so badly!


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