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'Stray Day Sales are on Now!

As you're reading this (hopefully with your feet up and a great coffee), me and hubster will be pledging our allegiance to all things Aussie.  Today's the long awaited Citizenship Ceremony and we're so excited!  Having lived in this beautiful country for almost six years, we're super proud to be able to call it home.

If you don't have anything on today and you're planning a lazy day with family, then you could do worse than sneak off for an hour and check out the online sales - there are some serious bargains to be had today.

Be quick though, most of them are 24 hours only!

All our favourite basics have an extra 20% off at Metalicus

M&S have an extra 20% off new season items

Rockmans have got free shipping until midnight tonight

Katie's have an incredible extra 50% off their sale prices! have an extra 25% off everything, including sale items - use the code PLUS25
AMBER SCEAT has an extra 20% off all the fabulous sale prices - use the code Australia


  1. Omg yes! i definitely needed this sale post in my life :O

  2. Happy Australia Day and congrats on your citizenship!!


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