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Perth Breakfast Review - Cafe 2 Twenty Four

I don't regularly review restaurants or cafes on the blog, but I do like to eat, and so does the family.  So I thought it might be fun to do a few reviews once in a while, particularly when the food is as photogenic as it is at Cafe 2TwentyFour.

This place is in Belmont, and we came across it in a hunt to take the kids out for excellent milkshakes - gotta love Yelp as a resource for finding this kind of information.

We got there around 12 and it was completely full.  We waited for around five minutes for a table when one came available outside.  The waitress told us the wait for food was forty five minutes - annoying, but at least she had the courtesy to tell us before we ordered.

The drinks came fairly quickly though, so the kids were happy.  Cafe 2TwentyFour didn't disappoint on the milkshake front at all.  The two that I've pictured here are supershakes - strawberries and cream, and oreo.  These are $9 each but they also do MegaShakes, which are $17 and certainly live up to their name!  Though the kids only just managed to finish these, so I think the MegaShakes might just push them over the limit.

I'm a bit of a purist when we go for brunch and always tend to order the same things - scrambled eggs on toast with a side of bacon.  The eggs were creamy and cooked perfectly, though lacked a little seasoning for my tastebuds.

Paul had the chorizo stack which looked amazing on the plate, but I think the long wait had taken the edge off his appetite.

The kids had bacon and egg burgers which they devoured, even after the milkshakes!

Try and get a table inside.  The outdoor area lacks ambience as it sits right next to a large carpark.
Ask how long the wait is for food - it's a very popular place!
Go early, or around 1pm.  By the time we ate, only around half of the tables were still full.

Do you have a favourite brunch spot in Perth to share with me?


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