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Marks and Spencer - The Best of British Comes to Australia

I'm going to try and not get too excited, but, OH MY FREAKING GOD!  My favourite department store ever has finally come to Australia.  Not in the bricks and mortar sense, but online - oh, how we love the power of the internet.

Marks and Spencer (I'm sure you know who they are!) now have a dedicated Australian version of their site with special terms just for us - aren't we lucky?  Oddly, if  you google "Marks and Spencer Australia" it doesn't come up with the correct website, but if you just click through it'll refer you to the Aussie site.

I've mourned the loss of M&S since living in Australia.  I've ordered from their UK site a couple of times, but the cost of returning things that aren't right to the UK is just prohibitive.  Check out the benefits of shopping with them on the Aussie site.

Returns can be paid for online and simply dropped into a parcel post box - no more queuing at Australia Post.

Another innovation that they've introduced is that any returns can be collected from your home by a courier - how cool is that?  You pay a set fee based on where you live in Australia and they collect and send it back to the UK. These are the costs.  I'm a bit disappointed that Perth is a lot more expensive than everywhere else, but what's new?

Size wise, M&S cater from a size 6 upto a 22 in most of their women's clothes which is fabulous.  Shoes and bags are excellent quality for the price, too.  Their kids' clothes are pretty awesome as well. (Their school uniforms are excellent quality and I've struggled to find similar over here!)

At risk of boring you to death with all these facts, here are some pretty things from the M&S website right now.




There have been rumours for a couple of years that they're going to be opening stores across Australia, but until that happens I'm happy to be able to order from the website and not be penalised with ridiculous return fees.  It's just a shame you can't order from their food I miss M&S sausage rolls.

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  1. Brilliant! M&S stuff is good quality, I look forward to perusing the online store. Cheap local returns are what sets the overseas online stores apart, that's for sure and I'm happy to pay $7.80 to not have to go to the post office!

  2. Cool look! I'm loving the outfit!

  3. Beautiful images, I Iove your outfit here!

  4. So gorgeous! Look so classy in that outfit!

  5. Beautiful images, love the outfit here!


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