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Immediately Improve Your Rubbish Nails with these 5 Tips

My nails have always been "not great".  And by not great, I mean bloody awful.

If I succumb to the lure of a gel manicure (god, no extensions!  The 1990's liquid paper tips ruined my nails for a decade) then if I get it removed professionally I might have a decent set of nails for a week or so then BOOM!  They all break within a day of each other and I'm back to nada.

Why?  Why am I cursed with such awful nails and yet others have such beautiful talons, taking their glorious half moons and natural white tips for granted?

I trialled Revitanail after so many of my friends had great results with it, you can find my results here.  Don't laugh.

I've done lots of research on this subject (yes, I'm a nail nerd,  I can't help it) and I think I've found the reasons that my nails are a constant source of disappointment.

I reckon if I stop doing these things to my nails, I might get some significant growth.

Well, not literally, but using soap on your hands is drying for both your skin and your nails (and your cuticles, actually!).  Once you've washed your hands, slap on a bit of hand cream right away to keep your hands and nails supple.  I've started keeping a tube by the kitchen sink and next to the bathroom wash basin, too.  I used it after washing my hands, and concentrate on my nails and the backs of my hands - it's really easy to just rub it into your palms and kind of forget about the rest.

You know the ones.  When you catch a nail on your clothes and you fell a little snag, then you absentmindedly pull the entire nail tip off.  Carry an emery board in your bag for these little mishaps.

At least, don't wear it every day.  The formula of polish is very drying and if you constantly wear it, it can weaken the nails.  And, linked to this, if you're using acetone-based remover, you're drying your nails out even more.

It makes no difference whatsoever - who on earth came up with this? (I hope I'm not making a fool of myself by saying this - my mum used to tell me this all the time and so I'd eat the raw jelly cubes and my nails would still be crap.  Please tell me that Aussie mums spun the same yarn?!)

Apparently, unless your nails are ridiculously soft, then nail hardeners often do more damage than good.  Nails are meant to have a little flexibility, so making them hard and brittle is a really stupid thing to do.

So, I'm on a mission to improve my nails over the next month.  No hardeners, no polish, no raw jelly.  I'll let you know how I've got in when we reach mid February.

What are your nails like?  Do you have any tips for me to improve mine?

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  1. My nails are shocking so I'm going to give these tips a go. You're right about the soap - when I wash my hands a lot (i.e. when I'm home all day with my son) it definitely makes things worse. Thanks Vicki. Visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. Thanks for popping over, Denise, it's nice to know it's not just me that has awful nails!x

  2. I have the worst nails too Vicki, and have never been able to grow them. Lately I've been using Sally Hansen Miracle Thickener, and then wearing Jamberry nail wraps over the top - if they are removed correctly, they don't wreck your nails underneath. The Jamberries look so good, I'm loving having nice nails for once!

  3. My nails are terrible. My sisters have beautiful nails, but both my mother and I, hae shocking ones. They don't grow and the break easily. I've stopped applying nail polish, because I hate drawing attention to them. I'm interested to see the results of your trials :)

    1. Jess it's so annoying isn't it? I wish there was a simple fix but there really isn't. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love jam berry wraps but struggle to get them off (impatient!) x

  5. I always had good nails that would grow super long, however since I had my daughter (or maybe it's age?) they are very ridgey and particularly the thumb nails will split and crack and chip at the slightest provacation. It's really annoying! Especially as I don't paint them that often.

  6. LOL to the raw jelly. My nails are awful at the moment.

  7. The only time my nails were strong and good was when I was pregnant

  8. DO NOT want to see my nails! I have been a long time nail biter and I'm really hard on my hands because of it. Whenever I've had gel nails (not many times) I've just wrecked them. Oh how I'd love to have lovely nails, I mostly hide my hands because of it.

  9. As a huge nail bitter I went out and got tips but got so sick of having to get refills I had them recently removed .

  10. When I was a teen I had really good nails that I of course took for granted. Now they are horrid. I can still grow them quite long without breakage but the tips are almost see through.

  11. My nails are terrible but that's because I can't stop biting them. Maybe if I could keep them out of my mouth for more than a second I'd have the chance to see what they are really like!


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