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How to Pack for Bali in just a Carry On feat. Rockmans

The Fashionable Mum

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - did you all eat and drink waaaayyyy too much, like I did?

I'm sure you may've noticed from my Instagram that my locations over the Christmas break were a lot more glamorous than usual.  My family and I were lucky enough to spend two weeks in Bali (Ubud, Nusa Dua and Kuta, to try and show the kids the different areas of the island).  Whilst we felt blessed to be planning for the trip, the fact that we were flying Jetstar meant we were all just packing a carry on each - and it has to weigh less than 7kg!

I'm a pretty clever packer, if I say so myself, so when Rockmans offered to provide the key pieces for my holiday capsule wardrobe, I took up the challenge.  This is what I took for two weeks.

2 vest tops in blue and green marls
1 striped boyfriend tee
2 black tops (from Rockmans)
2 pairs of chino shorts
1 midi skirt (from Rockmans)
1 striped t-shirt dress
1 silk dress (from Rockmans)
2 bikinis
1 kaftan
1 pair evening sandals
1 pair of day sandals

And I travelled in a pair of cropped black pants from Rockmans, a simple black singlet and leopard print skate shoes for comfort.  My handbag (I didn't take any others) was a black leather-look backpack from Rockmans (previous season) which was just so versatile.

This capsule wardrobe provided just enough variety for daytime and gave me around 4 different outfits for evening.  I had the cropped black pants that I travelled in laundered so they were perfect for evening with a boho-esque top and my Mimco sandals. I kept it simple by choosing black and nudes as my base colours which means there was no issue with matching tops to bottoms.

The Fashionable Mum
Fresh off the Plane!
Embroidered Pants, Rockmans $59.99*
Singlet, Millers
Skate Shoes, The Iconic
Backpack, Rockmans

The Fashionable Mum
Skirt, Rockmans $59.95*
Singlet, KMart
Slides, The Iconic

The Fashionable Mum

The Fashionable Mum
Sleeveless Aztec Mesh Top, Rockmans, on sale, $15
Gypsy Skirt, Rockmans, $59.99*

The Fashionable Mum

The Fashionable Mum

The Fashionable Mum

I failed to get a shot of me wearing the beautiful silk dress below, but I urge you to go and try it on.  It is simply stunning and an utter bargain at only $50 in the sale.

Beaded Tie Dye Dress, Rockmans, $50 on sale*

Back to reality now, but I'm thrilled to have these versatile pieces in my summer wardrobe.

I'll be back later this week with my top 5 beauty buys of the year - all under $30 each!

*Items marked with an asterisk were given to me for editorial consideration.


  1. Thank you for this post, perfect timing for me as I am off to Bali in 6weeks. I have been many times but love reading how everyone else manages their packing�� Your capsule travel wardrobe using 2 base colors is smart (this is where i go wrong I think) so I will try to adopt some of your ideas with my packing ( only going for 5 days)

    Thanks again,

    1. You're more than welcome Karen! It's so easy to overpack, but for 5 days my list would be perfect without any laundering necessary. Have a wonderful time.x

  2. Brilliant. I always way overpack and hate everything I have once I get to my destination!

    1. You're welcome Beth - I hate bringing home clothes that I haven't worn on holiday - it makes me so mad!

  3. Thank you for writing this post.Happy new year!

  4. Looking gorgeous. I'm definitely going to be heading into Rockmans soon to pick up a few things myself.


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