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Five Reasons Why You Can't Find Anything to Wear

If you're anything like most women, it can sometimes be overwhelming to open your closet with the simple intent of "finding something to wear".  It could be for a special occasion, getting ready for work, or just going to the beach with friends - this moment in the morning can make or break the rest of your day.

 Does that sound overdramatic?  Probably, but I don't care, because I know it's true.  

Sometimes, I let me closet get into this kind of state and I HATE myself for it.  I also then hate all my clothes.  I can't find an outfit.  I can't see past all the dross that belongs in a suitcase under the bed.  I can't find matching shoes because they're in a crazy tumble at the bottom of my wardrobe.  This is not the place you want to be first thing in the morning.

In an ideal world you'd pay someone (like me! Contact me here if the rest of this post seems like way too much hard work) to sort out your wardrobe and provide an infinite combination of outfits based on what you own.  Actually, I'll also provide you with a list of things you need to make your wardrobe even more versatile, but back to you.

NOW is the exact right time to sort your your wardrobe.  Why?  Well, because of the following reasons.

Procrastination leads to over-purchasing.
If you can't find the black trousers you bought in last season's sale to wear for work, I guarantee it's because you haven't sorted our your closet for a while.  When you open you're wardrobe and it's a chaotic jumble, you have no chance of finding anything that you haven't worn in the last week.  Sort it out now and you'll never have this problem again.

You haven't sorted it in the last three months.
Seriously.  You need to re-arrange your wardrobe 4 times a year.  It doesn't have to be a huge "throw everything on the bed and then cry in despair" kind of sort out either.  You can just put aside an hour to do the following:

Pair all of the shoes
Pack away out of season clothes
Take out stuff you don't LOVE
Have a cup of tea and celebrate your awesome new closet.

It's as simple as that and it really will only take an hour if you do it regularly.

You've worn the same 3 outfits to work for the past month, even though you've bought tons of new stuff.
This is a problem that almost all women face.  You buy new things, thinking they will transform your closet into a place of wonder, filled with an amazing capsule wardrobe that cannot fail to deliver each and every day.  Errr, no.  That's not how it works.

If you don't know what your closet needs in the first place, why would you add more complications to it in the form of new clothes?  You wouldn't add fifteen different ingredients to the soup you're making when all it needed was a pinch of salt, would you?

Cleaning out your closet often means you are aware of the gaps and can fill them simply.  Rather than buying another "going out top" just in case.

Your clothes are randomly hung around your room.
Oh, I hate it when my bedroom ends up like the changing rooms in H&M.  When you can't find the piece you're looking for and you take everything out and then never quite get round to putting it all back again.  This is the absolute time to schedule an hour and get it sorted.  

If you have little ones at home, enlist their help!  My girls love nothing more than prancing around in my heels (and then they have to put them back in the closet, in order - win!)

When your closet is REALLY small.
At our last house, I had a really rather huge walk in robe.  It was the stuff of dreams, with shoe racks and six hanging rails.  Unfortunately, I know share just one double wardrobe with my husband and that sucks.

I have to keep it tidy.  Not only because he would have a shit fit if he couldn't get to his stuff in the mornings, but because if I don't it quickly gets out of control.

If your closet is small then now is definitely the time to give it a quick fix.

I hope I've inspired you to get on this task this week - your wardrobe will thank you for it AND you'll have time to actually drink your coffee before work.  How nice will that be?

How often do you sort out your wardrobe?


  1. I had a good clear out over the break and whipped four big bags down to Savers before I could change my mind! I think the bit about only having stuff you love is important. Stuff that is just "meh" is only ever going to make you feel "meh" when you put it on!

  2. Because I share a small master bedroom and a very small wardrobe space with my hubby, I am constantly re=evaluating my collection and making sure each piece deserves to still be part of it. I don`t have the luxury of space to be keeping pieces I neither like or wear.


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