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Breaking Beauty - December's Favourite Products

You may, or may not, have noticed, that I'm not particularly great at creating series on the blog.  I love the idea of having a weekly slot to talk about a particular subject, but when push comes to shove, I either a) forget to post, or b) think of something more interesting to blog about.

Recently, though, I've been sharing some of my favourite beauty products on Instagram and it's been rather popular.  Hence, the #BreakingBeauty series was born.  Basically, it's just a monthly round up of what I've enjoyed using and what I'd consider buying again.  (Some of the products have been sent to me for review, and these will be marked with an asterisk)  Most of these items will have been bought with my own (or my husbands.  Or occasionally stolen pocket money from the children….sssshhhh!) money.

Trilogy Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm, $36.90*
I've mentioned this product before on the blog and that's because it's FREAKING AWESOME. It comes with a little muslin cloth, but you'll need to invest in a few more as using a clean one every day is a must - I actually use cotton face cloths as I like the extra exfoliation that they give.

The balm can be used all over your face and is particularly good at removing stubborn eye make-up.  It smells heavenly, and like all Trilogy products, it's only made of the good stuff.

Trilogy make up be gone cleansing balm

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set, $5.10
This brow kit has changed my life.  Does that sound a little over-dramatic?  Good, because it truly has.

My eyebrows are truly shit.  There are lots of things I dislike about myself (and lots of things I love, I'm not getting on a downer here!) but my eyebrows top the shitlist.  They are blonde - god knows why.  And they are getting finer and finer, which is very annoying.

Essence Eyebrow stylist set

This kit, with it's little stencils made me realise that just about everyone's eyebrows on Instagram are fake.  Well, most peoples, anyway.  And I'm betting they're all using super expensive kits to make they look all lush and fabulous.

This kit comes in two shade selections, comes with 3 little stencils (I lost one almost immediately in my haste to open this in the car….) and a great little stiff brush.  Honestly, you cannot go wrong for five bucks!

Savvy Highlighter Stick, approx $4.00
Who loves a highlighter, then?  Me, I do, I absolutely bloody love them.  In fact, I have so many differing ones (cream, liquid, powder, the full monty) that I could probably glow my whole body every day for a year - not a nice thought, though, so I'll move on.

This cute little stick came from Priceline and I also bought a contouring stick which wasn't quite as fabulous and made me look as if I'd drawn on my face with a dirty stick.

This highlighter stick, though, is perfect for adding a glow to those tricky little areas, such as your cupid's bow or in the corner of your eyes.  Definitley worth the price of a small latte.

Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel, $18.95*
I absolutely love having brown legs, but my legs just don't go brown.  It honestly wouldn't matter if I sunbathed 24 hours a day for a week, they would still be an attractive shade of pale.

Regardless of the fact that I don't like to sit in the sun, this Trilogy instant bronzing gel is pretty fabulous.  Not only does it deliver an immediate shimmering golden glow (impatient, moi?), it contains low levels of self tan so that you can build it up over a few days. It's a very natural colour too with no orange undertones. 

Trilogy Instant bronzing gel

L'oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder, $26.95
I've never been a massive powder user (apart from in my teens and in my goth phase and then I use layer upon layer of Leichner white powder), so this product was a revelation to me.

It doesn't seem to sit on the skin, rather it melts into your base leaving a velvety, not quite matte finish.  I absolutely adore it and use it over bare skin for a quick fix when I don't have time/can't be arsed to do my makeup properly.

l'oreal nude magique BB powder

I've gone a little palette crazy lately, to be honest.  It started with a blush/contour palette, then a little Nars handbag sized one and now this.

This eyeshadow palette from Australis has six super-matte shades, not even a smidgen of shimmer in these intense colours.  They are all amazingly pigmented and HUGE.  I'm not sure even if I used these daily would I ever get through them.

The darkest shade, though, is perfect on my eyebrows and as a liner with a wet brush.  The lightest shades are great for highlighting cheekbones when you don't want any shimmer.

A complete bargain at ten bucks from either Priceline or Big W.

Australis Bronzeyed Girl Matte

What beauty buys made your hitlist during December?

Did you see my beauty picks for Spring?  It featured the most amazing tinted SPF you can imagine at less than $10.


  1. Ooo thanks for sharing these. Next time I'm out I am definitely going to be looking for that eyebrow kit, the Savvy highlighter and the L'Oreal BB powder!!!

    1. So I bought the eyebrow kit and the highlighter ... LOVE the highlighter, so thank you for sharing! I found the eyebrow kit a bit challenging, my eyebrows turned out uneven so I've gone back to doing them freehand. Miss 19 was happy though as she ended up scoring the kit!

      Thanks for the recommendations!


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