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Avoiding Mumsy - Six Style Tips to Keep your Look Fresh

My blog does exactly what it says on the tin - I'm a mum and I like to stay fashionable.  When I use that adjective, though, I don't mean that I like to follow every trend.  The word "fashionable" to me is more akin to being stylish, and having your own look.

It is very easy to slip into the trap of wearing track pants and sneakers when you're a stay at home mum, or you work from home.  If a tree falls in the forest and no-one sees it, did it actually fall?  Likewise, if you wore dirty yoga pants and hubby's tee all day and see no-one, did you actually wear it?

At this time of year, it's particularly challenging to keep your look fresh, as there are so many other drains on your time - end of year kid's events, Christmas shopping to do - the list goes on.

I get a lot of questions from readers about how they can avoid looking like a mum.  Well, of course, the easiest way would be to sell your children, but if that's a little drastic, then I have ten other ways to look and feel more like "you" and less like "just a mum", and they won't eat too much into your precious time, either.

One - Clean out your closet. 

 I'm pretty sure you won't have the luxury of a full day to get this done, but if you can find an hour, you can make pretty good headway into your closet and find it much easier to put outfits together.

If there's anything in there that makes you feel less than great, ditch it.  It's ok to have a gardening t-shirt and a pair of pants for decorating, but you don't need ten of these things.  The majority of your wardrobe should be things you enjoy wearing and know you look good in.  For more information on easy ways to clear out your closet, check out this post.

Two - Follow blogs.

Now, I would say that, wouldn't I?  But blogs are a great source of fashion information, and  I don't particularly mean the high end influencers, either.  Do a hunt around and find the bloggers that you admire in terms of style and add them to your Bloglovin' feed (you don't have Bloglovin'??  Then get it now - it's the idea portal for all your blog favourites).

Here are some of my favourites that I read on a regular basis:

Fashionista in Suburbia - a fifty-plus mama who dresses with style and a more than average dose of black - right up my street.

Iris May Style - the smiliest, freshest fifty-plus blogger you'll find, plus she always has a closet full of the cutest things.

Mama Stylista - another blog that does exactly what it says on the tin - love her.

Three - Get Pinterest.

If you don't have loads of time for hunting down blogs, then Pinterest is the next best thing.  Create a couple of boards, such as "everyday style" and "closet wants" and then use some keywords to get some serious closet inspiration.  Spend just a few minutes a day and you'll soon have plenty of inspiration for your closet.

Four - Wearing Clothes that are too small.

I was in Rockmans on Friday, trying on some of their delicious new pieces for an upcoming collaboration and started chatting to a girl in the changing room who was trying on a couple of pieces.  She was a young curvy girl and came out of the fitting room in a cute playsuit but it was obviously at least a size too small for her.

As a stylist, I hovered in the background desperate to give her some advice, but her mum completely owned the situation by telling her it looked awful and she needed to lose some weight.  Ugh.  If she'd just gone up a size, the jumpsuit would've looked fabulous.

Always try on a couple of sizes.  I'm a 12-14 but recently bought a shirt in an 18 as it gave me the look I wanted.  Don't be afraid of sizes that aren't yours - sometimes they look far better.

Five - Wearing Clothes that are too big.

It's exactly the same problem but this is usually reserved for those ladies who feel like they have "something to hide".  I guarantee if you ask any woman, tall or short, skinny or not, they will have some insecurity about their body image.  It's just the way us women are programmed - the media make sure of that too.

But you need to avoid wearing oversized clothes (unless it's a "look" and then that's completely different) when going down a size or two would be much more flattering.

Six - Have a hero outfit.

I said early on in this post that your wardrobe should be full of stuff that makes you feel great about yourself, but we all have bad days when we'd rather wrap ourselves in a blanket and eat our body weight in Ben and Jerrys.  To tackle those days head on you need a couple of outfits (tried and tested, photographed and proven) that ALWAYS work.

The Fashionable Mum

This dress from Target was a purchase early in the year for a collaboration with Ocean Keys Shopping Centre and I have worn it to death.  When I can't decide what else to wear, or everything feels too over/under dressed or simply too complicated, I throw on this dress with some tan leather sandals and my day begins.  It's simple, understated, flattering and works for every occasion.  Make sure you have a piece like this and your mornings will be much simpler.

I hope you're getting ahead of the Christmas game with your planning and shopping.  Hopefully these tips will help you stay stylish (and sane!) through the festive period.

If you'd like a little help putting together a capsule wardrobe, as a qualified stylist I can make getting dressed in the morning a total dream.  Get in touch with me for more information, and if you subscribe to my stylist newsletter, you'll get my new FREE ebook, "The Seven Secrets to Effortless Style".

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