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Kids' Christmas Gifts Made Simple

When you're a mum, an inordinate amount of your time during the festive period is spent "getting the children's presents right".  We encourage them to write to Santa, asking for everything their hearts' desire.  We give them toy catalogues to circle their favourite things.  We tell them that if they're good, then Santa will bring them what they want.

As a child, we didn't have a lot of money to spare.  Dad worked (and drank the majority of what he earned), Mum worked part time and saved every spare penny to try and give us the Christmas she thought we deserved.

Every year, we'd wake up to a black bin bag stuffed with presents they couldn't afford - and they certainly weren't the most expensive things in the world, either.  Colouring books, pens, new socks and shoes…and then there was the "one big thing".  We always asked for one item that was more expensive than everything else - the one thing you desperately wanted.  One year, in my selfish teen years, I asked for an electric typewriter so that I could practice what I was learning at school.  I swallowed my disappointment hard when I unwrapped the manual typewriter that my mum had saved so hard to buy me.

Last year, we decided, like many other families that enough was enough.  Our kids already have plenty and we don't need to encourage them to keep asking for more, more, more.  Below is my formula which I have shopped by this year.  It is similar to a few floating around the internet, but mine is tailored to suit the fact we have three children - we've added in "something to share".

Something they want
This year, like most, big boy wants a game for the Xbox.  Middle girl wants roller skates (best ones we've found for the money are roller derby style from Kmart for just $39).  Little girl wants one of these holographic teddies from Kmart - just $5, she never asks for expensive gifts, bless her.

Something they need
Honestly, nowadays, do kids every really "need" anything?  We tend to get them new school bags and lunch boxes and wrap them for Christmas.  The girls go gaga over anything from Smiggle, so these ones will hit the spot.
Smiggle WOW Backpacks, $49.95

Something to wear
I recently discovered Mabisha Design on Instagram and knew straight away that I wanted to get some of Emma's divine little jammies* for my girls.  I did a little photoshoot with them and the results are below.  The girls absolutely adored the soft elastic waisted shorts and the cotton singlet, all edged with delicate lace.  The PJs are handmade in Bali by a family (how lovely is that?) and all the fabrics are sourced in Bali, too.

The PJs are too cute to keep hidden away in bed, and my girls will be wearing them on the beach in Bali this year!

Something to eat
These sweet jars of lollies are less than $5 from Kmart and make a great stocking filler.  We try to avoid putting too many lollies in their stockings, but these re-usable little bottles will definitely come in handy for keeping their pens and pencils tidy after!

Something to read
I used to LOVE getting books for Christmas, and always remember getting the treasury of the "What Katy Did" stories, it was my favourite gift ever.  My kids are complete bookworms and I know that the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid novel might start off in Grace's stocking, but will definitely be read by all three of them.

Something to share
We decided a few christmas's ago that a present to share between the three of them would be a good idea.  Our kids have their fair share of sibling spats, so a present that has to played with by all three of them is a great way of encouraging a little interaction which hopefully won't end in a fight.

They've all been fans of the Skylander series of games since they were first released in 2011.  If you've never played it (why not!), the game disc comes with a selection of figures and a Portal of Power.  You place the figures on the Portal to change your character in the game.  I'm pretty sure that Skylanders was the first game to have this technology and my three were blown away by it.

The latest iteration from Activision is Skylanders Superchargers* which now includes vehicles as well as characters, so you get to race around the islands as well as run!  The kids love any kind of racing game, so this is bound to be a big hit.

Skylanders is totally age (and gender) appropriate for all children with only mild comedy violence and a mix of boy and girl characters.

A great family game for a great price too, you can find it in Big W for a hugely reduced price of $58.

How do you shop for your kids at Christmas?  Would you consider following a list like mine?

*items denoted such were gifted to me for editorial purposes. All opinions are my own.  However, I had to buy my own lollies :(

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