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Summer 2015 Essentials

Jord Watch Review

It's hotting up in Perth right now, isn't it?  The weekend was an absolute scorcher.  I had the pleasure of being the guest of Breast Cancer Care WA at the Spring Races event at Ascot Racecourse.  Much champagne was drunk and not very much money was lost, so it was a fabulous afternoon.

I'm sharing my five favourite summer essentials today on the blog - from jewellery through to skincare, these are the things that are going to make my summer more stylish.

Jord Watch Review

Number One - A Great Self Tan
This first one is a complete no brainer, isn't it?  We all know the dangers of sitting in the sun, so I'm not even going to go there.  This lightly tinted self tan from Fake Bake is for fair skin and is so silky and easy to apply.  It gives just a hint of colour, but is buildable with additional applications. For a self tan failure like myself it's pretty foolproof and I've achieved really nice results with this over the past few weeks.  The smell?  Not so great, but I'm willing to overlook this for the fact that my shins are streak-free for once!

Number Two - Something to Get Your Skin Glowing
This Nuxe Huile Prodigieur Or, or golden oil is so special you'll wonder why you've never bought it in the past.  Just a tiny amount adds a sheer golden glimmer to your skin and highlights your (self) tan beautifully.  I wouldn't say that it will replace your moisturiser, but it's really lovely for special occasions when you want your skin to really glow.

Number Three - An Unexpected Fragrance
The summer is all about light, sheer scents and floral bouquets, right?  Well, no, actually. I like to wear something a little different and my choice this year for summer is the classic Obsession from Calvin Klein.  It's easily found for a bargain price here in Australia and I love the idea of wearing this on hot summer days.  It's classified as a warm spicy fragrance, but on my skin I get a much fruitier scent of peaches and oranges.  Definitely worth a try!

Number Four - Jewellery to Complement Your Skin Tone
Since as far back as I can remember, I've been a silver girl not a golden girl.  My wedding bands are all platinum and all my other precious jewellery is white gold or silver.  I think it stems from my early style choice of being a goth and adorning myself with heavy silver skull rings and huge hoop earrings.

I've realised though, as I've gotten older, that gold, and particularly rose gold, is supremely flattering when you have a warmer skin tone.  The red notes in my hair and my yellow based skin means I've come to love rose gold with a passion.  The huge square peachy-gold stone earrings in the top photo garnered lots of compliments at Jonte's Event Ready afternoon a couple of weeks back, so much so that I've worn them almost daily since.  

Wearing a complimentary metal next to your face is a great way to add "light up" your face and make you look awake and refreshed.  Give it a try, I think you'll be surprised.

I'm crushing on this ear cuff from Amber Sceats, now reduced at The Iconic....

Alexis Ear Cuff, reduced to $79.20, The Iconic

Number Five - A Summer Statement Watch
I must confess, I love wearing a watch.  I have no idea how people function having to get their phone out every time they need to check the time.  It's crazy!  I've worn a watch for as long as I can remember, and in our LBK (life before kids), expensive, designer watches were our standard gifts to one another.

You've probably seen a number of bloggers sporting these Jord Watches of late and with good reason.  The company are passionate about their product and keen to get it on as many fashionable wrists as possible.  Beautiful reviews I've read lately include this "his n hers" post from one of my favourite Perth bloggers, Demelza Buckley.

Jord Watch Review

Jord Watch Review

Jord Watches are crafted from a range of natural woods including ebony, koa, rosewood and bamboo. The watches are designed with sustainability in mind, and are perfect for the modern lifestyle.

I chose the stunning Cora watch in Koa wood with a rose gold face, which retails at $275.  It epitomises summer to me with it's natural elements and sunset-reminiscent face.  The other reason it is so perfect for the summer months, is that it is incredibly lightweight and easy to wear.  The natural wood strap means the watch does not feel hot or sticky on your wrist, too.

The watch has an automatic movement which means once wound, it keeps time thanks to the natural movement of your body.  The glass is sapphire crystal, keeping it scratch free and resistant to impact, which is handy when you're as clumsy as I am.

Check out the range of Jord Watches here, there's one for everyone, including your partner - and they'd make a perfect Christmas gift, too.

What are your summer essentials?  Do you wear a watch, too?


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