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Trilogy Age-Proof Products - A Review

I remember watching my mum when I was a little girl, growing up in England (where you're lucky to get two weeks of decent sunshine in a whole year) as she slathered her face with SPF2 in the vain hope of getting a tan before the English weather took hold and summer changed to winter in the blink of an eye.

In the 70's and 80's a tan was everything and self tans back then were definitely not what they are today.  I've tried to be a lot more diligent with my skin and hope that it has paid off a little.  However, being over 40 means I am noticing the drooping jawline and the fine lines around my eyes getting worse.

I've been using the HoMedics NEWA system for a few months now and it has definitely helped to tone my jawline and lift my cheeks a little.  However, you can't use the NEWA on your forehead or around your eyes, and this is where my age is most definitely starting to show.

I was recently invited to trial some of Trilogy's Age Proof products.  Trilogy has spent over a decade building a reputation for high-performance certified natural skincare.  Their famous Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is a cult product with an impressive list of awards, most recently that of "All-Time Favourite Product and Favourite Skincare Product" in the Drop Dead Gorgeous Natural Beauty Month Awards.

Trilogy are passionate that skincare should be simple, natural and enjoyable to use.  They do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals and support many not-for-profit organisations across the world.  Coupled with the fact that their products smell divine and are sumptuous to use, Trilogy has cornered the market in luxury natural skincare at an everyday price.

This is taken from their website.
"We believe skincare doesn't need to be complicated. Our products are created from simple and unique blends of the purest natural plant oils and botanical extracts working in perfect harmony to restore and maintain the natural vitality and radiance of skin. 
We believe true beauty is real beauty, real and unretouched. We also believe in the efficacy of our natural skincare products. They work. 
Every face tells a story. Everyone's journey is unique. It's where our beauty comes from. We’re not promising perfection, simply that Trilogy skincare will help you achieve your best, most radiant complexion. Naturally. 
We also think that when you feel good about your skin, you feel good about life and when you feel good about life, good things happen."

 CoQ10 Booster Oil

Trilogy's Rosehip oil has been a longtime favourite in my evening skincare routine, so I was interested in find out more about their newest product - the coQ10 Booster Oil.

Trilogy Age Proof

Think of this product as an "extra shot" in your coffee - an extra dimension to your skincare routine that will benefit your skin swiftly and naturally.

"Newly certified organic oil blend formulated with our latest innovation Glycablend™ for supple, healthy, radiant skin at any age. Intensively nourishing, CoQ10 Booster Oil recharges and revitalises skin at a cellular level, boosting collagen and elastin production and protecting against free radical damage.

Tamanu, macadamia and black caraway seed oils plus antioxidant co-enzyme Q10 help feed and renew skin. Glycablend™, a potent blend of chia, blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate oils, keeps skin supple and youthful."

I've been using this oil before my night-time moisturiser and it smells heavenly.  It's not heavy on the skin, but definitely leaves if feeling a little oily until it sinks in.  By the morning, my skin feels plump and refreshed with no hint of oil at all.

Replenishing Night Cream

The night time moisturiser that I've been layering this with is the Trilogy Replenishing Night Cream. My skin is not particularly dry but I do suffer from fine lines and I find when I use this, particularly in conjunction with the CoQ10 Booster Oil, my skin definitely feels more supple and looks less "tired" in the mornings.  I apply it with a fairly heavy hand, going down my neck and across my decolette.  Any excess is rubbed into the back of my hands, as I'm shocking at remembering to put on hand cream!

Trilogy Age Proof

"With a luxurious texture and subtle, sophisticated fragrance, our easily-absorbed nighttime moisturiser deeply nourishes and repairs while you sleep. A potent blend of nourishing bio-actives, including co-enzyme Q10 and our latest innovation Glycablend™, Replenishing Night Cream assists the skin’s natural process of regeneration, helping to restore elasticity and suppleness while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles."

Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Of course, before you get to slather on these delicious products, you need to remove all the grim and make-up that has been deposited on your skin during the day.  If you're using the same cleanser that you do in the morning, then it's time to check out Trilogy's New Make Up Begone Cleansing Balm.  Much richer and decadent than an everyday cleanser, the balm feels less like part of a skincare regime  and more like an indulgent treat.

The balm is a waxy, solid oil that needs warming between the fingers before applying to your face, and this is where the magic happens.  Just scoop a quarter of a teaspoon onto your fingers and warm it just a little between your fingers to release the delicate scent, then massage in small circles onto the face, concentrating on heavy eye-makeup and mascara.  

The balm is then removed with a face cloth dipped in warm water (it comes with an organic cotton cloth, but you need a clean one everyday) and it completely melts away make-up.  My skin feels smooth and refreshed but not dry or tight which is the perfect foil for the final stages of your evening skincare routine.

"A lush, end-of-the-day cleansing balm to remove foundation, mascara and lipstick like nothing else, even long-wear and waterproof formulations. Packaged with its own sustainably produced, unbleached, organic cotton cloth, this new way to cleanse is the perfect night-time ritual to melt away make-up and nourish your skin.
Combining a rich blend of pure plant oils, the luxurious balm melts on contact with warm skin, dissolving impurities and leaving your face perfectly cleansed, supple and silky-smooth."

 It's wonderful to be using some truly natural, planet-friendly products that do their job superbly well.  I'm going to be checking out some more of Trilogy's Age Proof range at the weekend.

What do you do to age proof your skin, and have your tried Trilogy's products before?

*Products were provided in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine, and 100% honest.


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