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Rimmel Kate Nude Collection Lipsticks - A Review

A nude lip, alongside my faithful black eyeliner is probably my most favourite of beauty basics.  My handbag is littered with them and my cosmetics tray in the bathroom is a treasure trove of creamy, shimmery, sheer nudes.

A nude lipstick is a bit like your favourite dress.  It's easy to wear, goes with everything and is suitable for any occasion.   Of course, finding the perfect nude for you is an ongoing trial, which is why I have so many.

I know that, despite having a fairly yellow complexion, any nude with a yellow undertone leaves me looking sallow and frankly a little ill.  I am far better choosing one with a pinker base.  I can't go too light (concealer on the lips, anyone?) and prefer the "my lips, only better" look.

The new collection from by Kate Moss for Rimmel is based around five new nudes, all in the Lasting Finish formula.  I've got a couple of the Kate lipsticks from previous collections and they're pretty good quality.  They wear well (I don't get eight hours out of them, like they are advertised to be though), are medium to full coverage and a creamy finish.

Rimmel Kate Nude Lasting Finish Lipstick
From top to bottom the colours are:
040 Pale Nude
042 Apricot Nude
043 Tan Nude
045 Rose Nude
048 Dark Nude

I initially thought that the Tan Nude would be the one for me, but having tried them all, it's Rose Nude which works best.  With it's pinkish undertones it is almost the same colour as my own lips which means it doesn't wash me out.

Kristen Piggot, who is the global make-up artist for Rimmel suggests going only a shade lighter than your squinting to ensure you don't look washed out.

Rimmel Kate Nude Lasting Finish Lipstick
I am aware that this is a godawful photo of me, but it was taken in a hurry.  Please forgive me!

Rimmel Kate Nudes are available at Priceline and are currently $12.95.


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