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Maybelline Brow Satin - A Review

The photo above is my eyebrows in all their naked glory.  I'm sure you've never noticed, but my eyebrows are somewhat lack lustre.  Like every woman who lived through the late 80's as a teenager, I plucked my eyebrows - not to the point of having to draw them in entirely, but certainly thinner than is en vogue now.

And the rub?  They never grew back.  Not ever.  I don't wax or pluck them, apart from the odd stray hair on my brow bone, but they just don't grow.  And they're blonde - how odd is that?  Being naturally dark haired, you'd imagine my eyebrows might be the same, but frustratingly, no.

I've bought more brow products than the Kardashians buy contour powder.  I've tried dyeing them (lasts about a week), and even contemplating tattooing them on.  Here's another little known fact, I have my upper waterline tattooed on.  I can say with my hand on my heart, that it was the most painful experience of my life.  Having had three children, the same amount of tattoos and even more piercings in my Gothic youth, all of these were a walk in the park compared to having a sharp needle dragged across the inside of your eyelid.  Yes, it's effective.  No, I would not have it done again.  Thank you for asking.

Back to brows.

Yes, I've thought about getting them semi-permanently inked on, but what if it goes wrong?  What if I end up with wonky eyebrows, or a funny colour, or even both?  So I don't think I'm brave enough.  In the meantime, my latest favourite brow product is the Maybelline Brow Satin in Medium Brown.

This product is a snip at around 16 bucks and has a pencil at one end, and a brow powder at the other.

Here's how I've been using this product.

I tend to do all of my make-up first before doing my eyebrows and then I know how defined they need to be. You know what it's like, you're all "oh I'll just pop on a bit of mascara and bronzer and go for the natural look" and before you know it, you're glammed up enough for a night club.  So I leave my eyebrows until very last.

The one end of the Brow Satin has a waxy, mechanical pencil.  The medium brown is a great shade for mid brunettes and has just enough warmth to stop it looking ashy.

I start at the middle of my brow and lightly feather in with the pencil.  If you start drawing in at the end of your brow, you're likely to get too sharp a line - one that Siouxsie Sioux would be proud of.  Starting in the middle enables you to work in both directions to get a softer look.

Draw very light strokes in the direction of the hair growth, filling in any sparse areas as you go.

If your brows are crap like mine, then it's ok to go a little above the natural hair growth to make them look lusher.  Do not go below the line of the brow as you want to maximise the brow bone, not minimise it.

Stage One complete - pencilled.

The other end of the product is a ball shaped sponge which grabs powder from within the cap.  You wouldn't imaging that this is a great shape for colouring in your eyebrows, but it works really well.  There is no fall out either, which is great.  I tap this on the back of back of my hand to remove the excess powder.  I use this very lightly (it tends to hold a lot of powder) over the pencilled in brows. This adds depth to the brow and also helps to set the pencil.  Again, start in the middle of the brow.

And that's it!  It's super easy to use and portable too - no more little pots of brow powder and separate brushes.  This is my finished look, I'm not wearing loads of make up, so left my eyebrows fairly light.

Priceline have the Maybelline Brow Satin for just $11.86 this week, so grab one before they sell out!

Do you have rubbish eyebrows, like mine?  What do you use to improve yours?


  1. I never started doing anything to my eyebrows until my early 30's. I remember my mum always saying that once you start you cannot stop. I understand where she was coming from but they needed a tidy up and I prefer fuller eyebrows with a little filler. I use a pencil at the moment to blend a few patches here and there. V x

    1. Your mum is right! It's difficult to stop messing with them once you've started.

  2. My brows are sparse and half blonde so I feel you. I currently use a matte brown eyeshadow and angled brush to draw them in but it's pretty random as to how good I get them on any particular day! I might have to suss out this Maybelline one . . . like the idea of both a pencil and powder in one product.

    1. It is really good, Beth. I was using the dark brown shadow in my Urban Decay Naked palette but it was just too dark.

  3. OMG I don't think I've ever seen you with no eyebrows... I mean your natural ones. I'm always complaining about how over plucked from the 80s mine but mine are almost mono brow material compared to yours. Not that it is a competition or anything. I really need mine taken care of. Trying to grow them out isn't working and they just end up looking unruly.

    1. Ha, I don't usually walk around without my eyebrows on! I've never noticed that yours look messy....


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