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Get Event Ready with Jonte - the Big Announcement

I've been finding it so difficult to not divulge any of the details of my event coming up at the end of October, and finally I've been given the all clear to spill the beans.

I'm thrilled to announce that on 31st October I will be running two style-over sessions with Jonte Designs at her studio in Perth as part of her Event Ready afternoon.  All proceeds from the day will be donated to Frocktober which raises funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Ovarian Cancer is known as a silent killer because it's so difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are so vague.  OCRF aims to raise funds for a crucial early detection test which will make a huge difference in the survival rate for ovarian cancer.

If you're in Perth, we'd love you to join us for the Event Ready afternoon.  It will be split into two sessions - the first will focus on getting ready for a Spring Racing event, with fabulous accessories from our favourite designers.

The second session will be tailored towards getting ready for a ball or a red carpet event.  We'd love you to bring your daughter along and she can try on Jonte's beautiful gowns, along with some amazing shoes and bags, too, in preparation for her Year Eleven Ball.  Jonte recently launched a hire business which is a great option, too.

Jonte's latest collection on the runway at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

There will be a make up artist on hand giving tips on how to look your best for your event, too.

There'll also be giveaways, prizes, bubbles and cupcakes and so much more.

I hope you can join us - there's so much more going to happen on the afternoon but I don't want to tell you everything just yet - it's so exciting!

More details of the event will be revealed over the next couple of weeks, but for now you can RSVP on the Facebook event page, and you'll be getting Event Ready with us on the 31st October.

What's your favourite part of getting ready for an event?


  1. I can't wait for this event and for you to help me get my wardrobe sorted. So many events, so little time for 'I have nothing to wear' moments.

  2. What a fabulous sounding event! I wish I lived close enough to attend!

    1. Itll be the first of many, so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I would love to attend, please do a travelling roadshow!


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