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TPFF15 - The Rise and Rise of the Perth Fashion Festival

Impractical "taxi" shoes - check

Clutch not big enough for my DSLR so I have to wear it as a fashion accessory - check

Iphone full of snaps of what everyone else has been wearing because I'm nosy like that - check.

Sounds like I'm ready to hit the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival!

With so much going on at the moment, with me upping the stakes of my Personal Styling business, I had to choose carefully which events of TPFF I could fit in.  Closing night would have been fabulous, but I chose the event which featured my most favourite designers.

The main runway events are hosted at Fashion Paramount which is a glamorous location at the Perth Concert Hall, but TPFF has something for everyone.  There are more than ten runway shows, and eleven free events in the city so there's no reason not to get along and see some of the action.

My favourite free shows are, of course, the Restyle ones.  Being a former Restyler from 2014, I completely understand the amount of work that goes into this project.  This year, the spin was a little different and Restyle featured a number of Perth creatives from a variety of fields.  Throughout August, the Restylers shared their take on the daily prompt, styling items gleaned from the festival's charity partners' opshops.

I like the new format for Restyle, and can't wait to see the Restylers on the runway - having done it myself, I know the amount of work that goes into creating these shows, so go along and give them your support.

The other free show that I love, is the Target show.  Target is one of my favourite high street stores for affordable, good quality fashion - in fact, I may well be wearing something from there to TPFF....

The Target show is happening at Forrest Place on Sunday 20th September, at 1pm - Jessica Mauboy will be providing the entertainment, and everyone's favourite stylist, Donny Galella will be there too.

The show that I chose to attend is the Designer Runway II because it features some of my most favourite emerging Perth designers:

Alexandra King
Blushed by Teagan Jacobs
Curious Birdy
House of Skye
Jessica Bratich
Jonté Designs
Katherine Dunmill
Megan Salmon
Morgan Marks
PET. the Label
Wild Horses

The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival really has been lighting up Perth this week, with more fabulous runway shows to come, until closing night finishes with a bang on 20th September.

If you don't have tickets to the runway shows, make sure you get to one of the free events, they're lots of fun and all happening over this weekend - the weather forecast is fabulous, so come and spend a fashionable weekend in the city.  Keep your eye out for me and come and say hi if you spot me at any of the free shows.

Have you been to TPFF before, and are you going to any shows this weekend?


  1. Designer Runway 2 is my pick of the ticketed shows as well. Such a fab lineup of designers. Finding it hard to believe it has been a whole year since you hit the runway. I was only looking at the photos from Restyle 2014 last night.

  2. My friend Stacie was asked to walk the runway this year, unfortunately we both live in Adelaide!! Would love for something like that to happen here!


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