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My Beauty Picks for Spring

Isn't it just lovely now the sun has come out?  I've nominated this week as Beauty Week and I'm going to be getting myself ready for the warmer weather with some new beauty picks. Today, I'm sharing the products that I've had on high rotation for the last few weeks.  

THE BRONZER - Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder, for Brunettes, Priceline, $6.15.
When the weather really starts to heat up, the last thing you need is to add any extra shine to your face, and that's why I always choose a matt bronzer.  I love a bit of shimmer on my cheekbones, but for the rest of my face, I try and keep to as matt as possible.  This great size bronzer is available in two tones, for lighter and darker skins.  It's perfectly matt and is a nice tan, with no hint of orange.  I'm going to grab another one of these in case they sell out at that crazy price.

THE SCENT - Perfume Atomiser, Scents Perfume Shop, $15.
I got recommended this cute little atomiser whilst chatting to the the lady in Scents at Ocean Keys Shopping Centre.  I was really looking for a new Spring perfume, but when I told her that I already had over a dozen perfumes on rotation, she suggested that maybe an atomiser would be a simple way to get more use out of them.  I NEVER carry perfume in my bag as all my bottles are dressing table size, but now, having decanted some of my Penhaligon's Eau San Pareil, I can pop the atomiser in my bag and stay scented all day long.  

Easy to fill ( you just pop off the top of the perfume bottle, place the atomiser on top and pump it a few times) and available in a range of colours, I'm popping these in my friends Christmas pressies this year.

THE SUNSCREEN - Kmart SPF50+ Tinted Moisturising Sunscreen, $6.
I'm so smug about finding this product.  I've been recommending it to anyone that will listen.  I always wear a high SPF on my face and decollete and this one is a steal.  It's matt, not chalky and a great colour for those with medium to dark skintones - it may be a bit deep for fairer skinned girls.  Grab it before it sells out everywhere.

THE STATEMENT LIP - Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in "In Love with Ginger", $13.95. 
I'm all about lazy beauty in the summer, and a statement lip is a great way to save time on the rest of your face.  You don't need a whole load of eye makeup when you're wearing a bright lip, and lipstick is so quick and easy to apply.

This one from Rimmel is moisturising so ideal if your lips get dry, like mine, and the colour is a sunny bright coral.  Perfect for wearing day and night.

THE MASCARA - Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves, $16.95.
I promised I would reveal my drugstore cheapy mascara that I keep coming back to, and this is it.  I'm on my FOURTH tube of this and that is quite spectacular for me.  

I don't find that it particularly curls my lashes, but it lengthens, volumises and is ultra black.  I like the look of a good black mascara in the summer, it negates the need for eyeliner and is a fresh look with a statement lip.

I have greasy eyelids and most mascaras smudge within an hour, but I can get a good 4-5 hours smudge free with this one.

You won't regret trying this one out. 

All products were trialled during my collaboration with Ocean Keys Shopping Centre and are available to purchase from Ocean Keys Priceline, Kmart and Scents.


  1. Brilliant - I love a good tinted moisturiser and you can't go wrong with that price! Also love Essence, such good value products for a bargain.

  2. In love with that "in love with ginger" lipstick - looks like the perfect spring shade!

  3. Nice picks! So,weird to be reading about spring makeup as my part of the world enters winter! Enjoy the spring and summer. Hope yours is better than ours #mummymondays


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