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Millers #seeingme Project

Man, it's been a mad few weeks.  My feet don't seem to have touched the ground.  So when Millers asked if I'd like to be involved in their Seeing Me Project, I didn't think I'd have time.  But I spent a few minutes reading what the project was about, and how it was for ALL women, EVERY woman and I figured I had to be involved.

Millers, I'm sure you know, are a high street fashion brand aimed at the more mature women.  Nothing wrong with that - if we're lucky, we'll all be mature one day.  Their clothes may not be for every one (and what brand can claim that?), but the message that they're sending out absolutely is.

Millers, you see, have made a brave decision and put NON-MODELS on their website.  Yep, women from every walk of life, all mature and of all sizes, on their site, in their clothes.  And they look ridiculously amazing.

Cindy - mother to four sons and a daughter. World traveller.

Leanne - self-confessed foodie. Loves to travel. Believes in getting better, not older.

Tina - mother, grandmother and wife. Breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur and world traveller.

But more, much more than just using fabulous non-models, Millers is using its platform, the Seeing Me Project, to celebrate its love of women and help the rest of the world see these women as the amazing creatures that they actually are.  Millers have spent two years researching and questioning women over 40 and they've discovered that the majority of them feel "unseen" when they're out of their closest circle of friends and family.  They feel that they're treated as "dowdy, unfashionable, and frumpy".  And that's just not fair.

And you know what?  I feel this sometimes, too.  As a style blogger more mature than most, I am generally overlooked by the photographers at events who are chasing down the girls showing the most leg, or the most outrageous outfit.

But we more mature women have something special to offer - we have experience, we've had trials and tribulations in our lives and we've come out stronger and more independent than ever before.  There is nothing shameful in admitting that you're over 40 (I'm 43 in case anyone is remotely interested), and you certainly don't need to stop caring about how you look when you reach that age.

This blog has always been all about celebrating women of every age and size but, naturally, being an older woman myself, I love to give style advice to more mature women.  Some of them I meet have an intrinsic style all of their own, and wear whatever the hell they want - HALLELUJAH!  Some may have lost their way when it comes to fashion, and that's ok too.

Millers have made a hub, a place for inspiration for the woman over 40, where you can find inspiring videos and interviews with mature women.  Such a wonderful idea.

So whether you shop at Millers or not, check out the Seeing Me Project, it's a great initiative to show mature women that they do not need to fade into the background and to stand proud of everything they've achieved so far and their goals to go even further.

Well done, Millers.

Oh, and since we're all about the shopping here, below are my favourites picks from Millers SS15 collection.
Botanical Pants, $30

Denim Shirt Dress, $35

Mixed Media Vest, $25

Striped Boucle Jacket, $55

If you're a woman over 40 I'd love to hear how you feel about the Seeing Me Project.


  1. What a fantastic initiative. I hear you when it comes to events and photographers and being overlooked. You could say designers often overlook our demographic as well, even though we are the demographic that tends to spend money.

    Do you think I could get away with that denim shirt dress?

    1. That denim dress caught my eye too Raychael!

  2. Love this idea! I love that Millers are having a style overhaul too. Older ladies deserve this!

  3. Great idea from Millers! That denim dress is something I'd wear too!

  4. Gorgeous! Great initiative. Inspiring women!

  5. Great initiative ... the time is here for mature women. Love your SS15 picks too.

  6. I am loving the real women models trend that is taking off lately. I'm not quite in Millers target demographic yet but I do actually have a few of their pieces and I would wear the hell out of that denim dress!! In fact, I'll be looking for it in my local Millers tomorrow!

  7. Seriously amazing initiative. So good to see a brand using fabulous non-model REAL women!! As you say - hallelujah xox


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