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Raine Square - Health and Fitness in the Heart of Perth

I had occasion to go into the city not once, but twice this week - oh, the excitement!  I never drive in, because, well, why would you when the train drops you right in the thick of things and only costs a few bucks?

I had a few appointments and a LOT of running around to do.

Raine Square, a shopping centre which is just a two minute stroll from the train station had recently been in touch and asked me to head over and say hi.

If you don't know where Raine Square is, ask anyone where the huge new CBD rebel store is and you'll find it easily enough.

With the addition of this frankly quite spectacular sports store (wide open spaces, more equipment than you can imagine, and a gorgeous array of designer sportswear including Stella McCartney for adidas and Running Bare), this shopping centre is the hub for health and fitness in the city.

I needed to grab a few snacks to keep me ticking over whilst I waited around for meetings, so headed to Coles to grab some fresh fruit, and a couple of snack bars.  I didn't even know there was a Coles in the city, so it was a pleasant surprise to be able to get a few healthy choices sorted.

I try hard not to bury myself in my iPhone whilst I'm waiting for meetings so I grabbed the free Coles magazine (I get this each month, there's always loads of easy and healthy recipes in it) then zoomed across to News Xpress for a magazine.

Life is crazy at the moment with family commitments and my personal styling business going great guns, and I find it so much easy to deal with life's ups and downs when I'm feeling fit and healthy.  I don't know whether it's being the wrong side of 40, but it makes such a difference to the way I feel in the mornings when I exercised the day before and ate well.

I'm trying my hardest to down a good couple of litres of the cold stuff too(no, not Reisling), and remember to take my vitamins.  The Health Kick Vitamin Centre in Raine Square has a dazzling array of supplements and vitamins to help kick your winter fitness up a notch. 

I grabbed a Boost on the way out of the centre and power walked to my first appointment, rather proud of myself that I'd swerved the $2 humpday coffee that the centre is offering on Wednesdays in August - go me!

So, if you're looking for a great, central place for all your fitness needs in the city (and who doesn't need new fitness threads?  I may've treated myself to a piece or two....), check out Raine Square.

*This post was sponsored by Raine Square, however all opinions are my own.


  1. I totally love that you are so close to (what I think is) London to go there a couple of times a week! Jealousy going on here!

  2. Love Raine Square. One of my go to places when I have time in between appointments in Perth, usually for a coffee and to use the WIFI.


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