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Love What You Wear With Millers

It might sound shallow, but my day is improved radically when I'm wearing a great outfit.

Yesterday, due to oversleeping, lack of planning and generally a lot of "muckarounditis", I spent the day looking a bit like someone's cleaner.  Who'd overslept.  And put on someone else's slobs.  Not great for my self esteem.

All day, I felt a bit out of sorts, a bit grumpy and generally not myself.

Millers, one of Australia's biggest ladies fashion brands, recently got in touch and asked if I'd be part of their "Love What You Wear" Campaign.  I'm all for women feeling amazing in what they're wearing so I was happy to join in.

These photos are of one of my personal styling clients, Marian.  She was looking for an outfit that was comfortable, easy to wear and would take her from doing mom chores through to dinner out with the hubby and kids.  Millers seemed a great place to start for good quality, well priced basics for the mum on the run.

Marian is often seen rocking the "mumiform" of trackie dacks and sneakers, so these ankle grazer pants and the cute loafers were a little out of her comfort zone.  I don't think that's a bad thing, though!  Trying on something you would normally swerve is a great way of finding out what really suits you after years of wearing the same thing.

The pants are a great length on Marian and show off the slimmest part of every woman's leg - the ankle.  The pop of colour in the shrug is enough to lift the basics without making it too dressy.

You know I love a great stripe, and this lace Breton tee was a perfect pick.  Adding a bit of pattern clash with the floral scarf, too.

After her style overhaul, Marian was thrilled with her new look.

"I feel stylish but would definitely wear this on the school run", she said.  And that was exactly what we were going for!

Loving what you wear puts a smile on your face, and being happy is infectious - and there's nothing wrong with that.

Red Shrug, $30 (not online)
Lace Stripe Top, $30
Ankle Grazer Jens, $30
Anita Comfort Loafer, $35
All from Millers

*These items were gifted to me (and the lovely Marian) by Millers in accordance with my editorial policy.

Does a great outfit make your day?


  1. What a fantastic style-over. I've been guilty of overlooking Millers. That might need to change.

  2. I love that outfit. It's definitely something I'd wear as a mum too. And yes, I have a much better day if I'm wearing an awesome outfit. x

  3. Great outfit. I have to admit I'm not working at the moment and often don't have to leave the house (apartment) so tend to just stay in my PJs all day!!!

  4. I've got to say I have never really considered Millers but you have done a great job of putting this outfit together and I would have never though this was a Millers outfit! Nice work. Found you via #IBOT.

    Maria x

  5. Marian looks great in that outfit! I love Millers, I've been shopping there for years. I know some people think it's only old lady clothing (older women have got to shop somewhere, so there's nothing wrong with that - unless you're young of course) ... but I've always found some great stylish pieces at very affordable prices.

  6. Forgot to say ... Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  7. What a great outfit. Looks fab. I often find bits and pieces in Millers when I least expect it!

  8. Marian looks fantastic, love love love your work :)

  9. I've never found anything nice in Millers, even though I keep seeing good stuff on people's blogs. Maybe I need someone to shop for me.

  10. If you look good you feel good / that the rule! Cute shoes!


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