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Ageless Skin with NEWA - a Review

The Fashionable Mum Newa Skin review

Whilst you're reading this post, are you sipping on warm water and lemon to get your metabolism started, whilst applying your daily SPF to minimise sun damage to your skin?  Did you remember to apply your retinol night cream before you went to bed?

The glow of youthful skin is something that we all strive to achieve.  I do all of the above but sometimes my over forty skin needs a bit of an extra boost.  Fine lines, loss of firmness along the jaw line are the signs that our skin is not producing as much collagen as it did in our younger days.

When Homedics asked if I'd like to trial the Newa Skin Rejuvination System, I was all ears. I have no issue with botox and fillers on other people, but I'm all for a natural approach to my skincare.

The Newa is a non-invasive, energy-based system which promises to reduced wrinkles by upto 45% in 12 weeks.  Can you see why I was excited now? 

NEWA Skin Review

Unlike topical creams, or laser treatment, the Newa treats the deeper layers of the skin.  It uses patented 3Deep technology to reach right down into the dermis to tighten the existing collagen fibres and trigger the production of new collagen and elastin - the two components that form the "structure" of our skin.

The clinical trials have been incredibly positive with results that you'd normally only find after a course of (expensive) salon treatments.


It's super easy to use and for the first month, takes just 24 minutes a day to treat the three main areas of your face.  After that, you can reduced usage to just twice a week to keep seeing results.

Vicki Thompson Stylist

On to the most important thing - have I seen any results yet?  Well, I'm into my third week of my trial so watch the video and find out how I've been getting on.  You'll also get to see the Newa in action and my dulcet English tones - be kind!  Homedics suggest that the best results are gained from 12 weeks of usage, so I'll be sharing some before and after photos at week 4 and then I'll pop some more up at weeks 8 and 12.

The Newa retails at $499 and can be purchased online at Homedics, and other leading retailers including MyerShaver ShopHarvey Norman.

What do you do to keep your skin looking younger and glowing?  Are you a believer in cosmetic surgery?

*I was gifted the Newa Skin Rejuvination system as Homedics obviously thought I was a great candidate to have my wrinkles reduced by upto 45% in 12 weeks.  All opinions and reviews are my own.


  1. Great video Vicky! Really informative and interesting. I'd be up for giving it a go, that's for sure, as my jowels are drooping ;)

    1. Thank you so much Jo, I guess none of us are immune to time passing.

  2. Love your video review. Can't wait to give this product a go myself.

    1. Thanks Raychael, I'm getting s but addicted to using this now.

  3. Both you and Barbe have done a fabulous review...getting my butt into gear and starting (properly) today! xx


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