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How to wear leather trousers over 40 (or 50)

I've had these pleather (or vegan leather if you prefer) track pants for just over a year now and they're starting to look a little worn.  It could be because they were only $19 from Kmart or it could be that I wear them on an almost weekly basis in the cooler weather.

Leather trousers with heels

They may not be an obvious choice for a 40-something mum with THIGHS, but they are one my most favourite things in my winter wardrobe, and I'm sharing my tips on wearing them when you think you can't.

Choose a pair that fit like you're favourite pants.
Just because they're a different fabric doesn't mean you should deviate from your favoured style of pants.  I love the slouchy trouser look and this is why my leather pants of choice are styled exactly like that.  If you love skinny jeans, then by all means go for a skinny leather pant.  You'll find them much easier to slip into your comfort zone this way.

Leather trousers with boots

Make them your alternative to jeans.
These kind of pants are just as easy to wear as jeans (unless it's summer and then they get a little, humid) so style them in the same way.

Leather trousers with trench coat

For evening, they look great with sandals and a simple shell top.  For daytime, leather is the perfect foil for warm jumpers or a classic trench coat.  Just like denim jeans, they can be dressed up or down.

Show some foot.

Now this is where I wear mine differently to how I'd wear jeans.  I struggle to make leather pants work unless I can see a little bit of foot.  It could be an ankle bone, toes (in a peep toe boot), or a heel in mules.  

Leather trousers - how to wear them when you're over 40

Leather trousers - how to wear them when you're over 40

Leather trousers - how to wear them when you're over 40

Boots don't work in the same colour as the leather, usually black, as the continuation of black leather looks a little off.  However, if you do fancy wearing a boot, choose one in a different colour and it works.  Just.

Invest in a pair.

My Kmart ones at $19 hardly broke the bank, but they did make me realise that I'd like to invest in a higher quality pair, and I've been doing some research into finding some that will last.




How do you feel about leather pants - love or loathe?


  1. I just don't have the legs or the height to pull this look off. You look gorgeous.

  2. I think anyone can wear them Raych, you'd probably just need a bit of a heel to make them work for you.

  3. Love how you've styled these Vicki. I haven't tried a pair of leather pants on before but after seeing you, I'm going to try them next time I see them! x

  4. I've never owned a pair of leather pants despite loving the look of them! I think I tend to forget that not all leather pants need to be a super skinny style.

  5. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog:) Nice to meet a fellow Aussie. And we have Millers in common, yes?
    I adore leather pants. I have a skinny mixed media legging/pant from Zara which I wear often and a pant in a coated jersey that looks like leather.. I live in them. Similar to your Kmart ones. Wish I had seen those at Kmart!! I love all your stylings and we can so wear leather pants after 40:)

  6. You look DDG in yours Vicki - you wear them so well. Super stylish!

  7. Love you in leather Vicki! I like your tip to buy your leathers in the shape you already love! If you don't wear skin tight pants then why go for skin tight leather pants? Brilliant. Bron x

  8. Big fan! I have some looser-fit Witchery ones, and a couple of pairs of legging-like ones. Just so comfy!


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