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11 Winter Beauty Tips You Need Right Now

It's freezing in Perth at the moment and from what I've seen of other bloggers' outfit posts this past week, it's not too tropical in the rest of Australia either.

Winter dressing is easy - lots of layers, lovely scarves and boots, but do you change up your winter beauty routine, too?

Here are my top eleven tips to keep you looking hot in the cold this winter.

Your hands, your hands, and your hands.
I can't stress enough the importance of keeping your hands well moisturised during the winter months.  Cracked, dry hands and cuticles are not only ageing but they're also painful too.  I'm a horror at using hand cream so I recently invested in a few tubes of my favourite one to keep in the places I spend most of my time.  There's one on my desk, near the kitchen sink, in the bathroom and in the car, too.  Now I've no excuse not to keep my hands soft and nourished.

Don't forget to exfoliate.  
It's easy to skip this part of your beauty routine as the weather gets colder.  You're probably not self-tanning right now, so it seems a good step to drop and speed up your daily routine.

I continue to exfoliate all through the winter, but only once a week rather than twice.  I use the sweet orange exfoliant from Purity Organics as its fine texture is gentle on my skin (which always seem a little more delicate in the winter) and it preps the skin beautifully to absorb a good slather of moisturiser.  It also smells heavenly.

For my body I just use rock salt in the shower - easy and cheap.

Mostly moisturise.
Of course this is so important in the cold weather!  Keep your face, hands and body well moisturised and by the summer you won't feel like you're starting from scratch. I don't change my moisturiser in winter but I do change what I wear at night.....

Oil for night time.
I'm a sucker of beautiful smelling oils and my favourite has always been Clarins Blue Orchid Oil.  It's perfect for when you're skin is a little dehydrated which is tends to be in the cold weather.  For a much cheaper alternative (though it doesn't smell as good!) try Rosehip oil which is also great for dehydrated skin.

You still need all that water!
I am admittedly hopeless at drinking enough water and it's made trickier in the winter when you just don't feel the need to chug a litre of ice cold H20.  However, a dull and lifeless complexion is often the result of not drinking enough.

I try and get my water quota up by drinking green tea with lemon, or fruit tea.

The cheapest lip fix.
I've talked about them before and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Maybelline BabyLips are the best (and cutest) lip balms I've used.  I have them in various colours (and clear, too) and they're under five bucks each.

Take a cold shower.
Well, not freezing cold, but really hot showers are super dehydrating to your skin.  They strip it of its natural moisture.  Turn your shower down a few degrees and your skin will thank you for it.

Don't skip the sunblock.
It might not be sunbathing weather but the sun's UV rays are still damaging in the middle of winter.  Although I don't use a specific sunscreen in winter, I do ensure that my BB cream is at least SPF20.

My Rimmel Radiance BB Cream is nourishing and has the SPF20 I like and all for a bargain price of $12.95.

Get out, get moving!
Nothing gives skin a glow like a rush of endorphins, so grab the kids, dogs, whatever and get outdoors for a brisk walk and plenty of fresh air!

Look after your decollete.
Much mistreated and ignored, the area below your neck and above your chest needs as much TLC as your face.  I'm ashamed to admit that I have sun damage to this area, resulting in unattractive wrinkles. Of course, I now use an SPF on that area all the time but that's not going to reverse the damage.

Wrinkles Schminkles recently sent me one of their famous decollete silicone chest pads to trial and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Simply slap it on before you go to bed and wake up in the morning to a smooth, more youthful chest.  You can see from my before and after photos below that it really does make an incredible difference to the look and feel of this delicate area of skin.

BEFORE - you can see the unattractive vertical wrinkles and creases. Not the best look.

AFTER - I used the pad overnight and took this photo on waking up - I've not moisturised and the light is the same.  Great results!

The silicone paid adheres easily to the skin and is a completely non-invasive treatment.  Whilst you sleep, the silicone adds moisture to your chest resulting in a plumped, softened result. 

The pad is reusable too, so you can treat your decollete a few times a week to keep it in tip top condition.  All this for $39.95, I'm completely sold on the idea.

Don't forget to treat your feet.
There's nothing more uncomfortable and unsightly than dry cracked heels.  Although these generally appear during the summer when you're in thongs, you can easily get rid of them during the winter when you're likely to be wearing socks.

When I remember, I slather my feet in Scholl Dry Skin Recovery Cream and pop on a pair of cotton socks to sleep in.  In the morning my feet aren't quite baby smooth but they're a damn sight better than the day before!

These tips will get your prepped and primed for the cold months to come.

Do you change up your winter beauty routine? 

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  1. Oh my gosh! Wrinkles schminkles!!!!! Amazing! I have been getting those icky chest lines. I am a side sleeper and I just can't change the habit and so I surer with the chest wrinkle. Love thiese! Bron x


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