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Monday's Most Wanted - Stripes for all Seasons

I haven't done a shopping post for ages and that's probably because I haven't really been shopping.  I KNOW!  What a shock.  Life has kind of gotten in the way recently and I've had more to juggle than a circus performer.  However, I spent a leisurely couple of hours browsing the fabulous sales that are currently gracing the internet and have come up with a rather lovely list for Monday's Most Wanted.

Before I do though, I'd like to share a teensy purchase that I made today, costing the princely sum of just $7.  These Kmart flats have been on my to-buy list for a while and were only $15 to begin with.  How could I resist then when they became the price of a tall soy latte??

I'm on a hunt to add more stripes to my wardrobe.  I've realised that, although I wear a lot of stripes in the summer, I'm a little more challenged to wear them in the colder months. So here is a selection of stripes goodness to add to your winter wardrobe.

My love affair with blanket capes holds strong, and this one from Next is a delicious mix of neutrals and perfect for layering during our fickle winter months in Perth.

Blanket Cape, $69, Next

Another great cover up but this time in monochrome - this cardi from Mix Apparel was a great buy even before it was reduced to $20.30.  

Cardi, $20.30, Mix Apparel

A good pair of slouchy pants should be on everyone's hit list and they are as easy to wear in the colder weather as they are in the summer.  Team these ones from Bohemian Traders with ankle boots, a leather jacket and you're Perth-winter ready.

Sally Slouch Pants, $109, Bohemian Traders

I adore this stripe trench from ASOS more than words can say.  It would instantly up the fashion stakes of any outfit.

Stripe Trench, $148, ASOS

Be still my beating heart.  This stripe shirt dress is just perfect for any season - I'd wear mine with knee high boots and a long slouchy cardigan for everyday winter wear.

Oasis Stripe Dress, $94, The Iconic*

How do you wear your stripes in the cooler months?


  1. Oh those shoes!!! Thanks for the P.S.A and at $7? That's more than a bargain! I love my stripes but keep it to just wearing my Le Breton striped tops or the dress really. Recently or rather two months ago? I bought a wool knit striped top, perfect for layering in Melbourne's winter weather.

  2. Norlin, they come in black snakeskin too...just sayin'

    I need new Breton tops, mine are looking a little well loved. X

  3. I love a striped knit and if I'm keeping it super casj then a Bonds hoodie all the way!

  4. I'm not great with stripes. I think I just go about them all the wrong ways. I do have a striped top that I wear with my Seed trench but it's half sleeve rather than 3/4 and just all wrong on its own.

    1. It's funny isn't it? Stripes are always my go to pattern,


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