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Instagrammable Selfie Tips for the Over 40s

I know, it's dead easy, isn't it?  You just point the camera at your chops, click, whack on a filter and Bob's your Uncle.  Except he's not is he?  I don't have an Uncle Bob, or an Aunt Fanny either, to finish the catchphrase.  A decent selfie takes a lot more faffing around than that.  But it shouldn't take forever either.  There are a few tips that I'm going to share with you to nail that selfie in under 2 minutes.

Ready?  Let's go.

 As good as the iPhone is at adjusting to not great light conditions, you can't beat a bit of decent outdoor shade for a good selfie.  If you can't bear to drag yourself outside, then stand facing a window and just move around a bit until you get the right light level - not too bright and not too shaded.

It's all about the angle.  The "correct" angle for a selfie (particularly if you're over 40 and you're disguising double chins, jowls, eye bags....the list goes on).  You need to be holding the phone a little bit above your eye line, and tilt you head to which ever is your best side.  Smile, if you fancy, be serious if you don't.  However, the key really is to keep your chin up and your eyes "bright".

Forget the filters.  This is a bit of a "thing" for me.  Instagram filters for selfies are so BORING!  Everyone can tell which filter you've used and the majority of them are supremely unflattering on skin tones.  Check out the following if you don't mind looking at my face twenty times.

Instagram Filters of The fashionable mum

It is much better to spend just 60 seconds adjusting the brightness, contrast and highlights and shadows to get just the look you're going for.  You're looking to make your skin look luminous and your eyes look bright - all of which is now easily achievable within Instagram itself - just click the little symbol on the bottom right of the app to open up a whole host of additional adjustments that you can make.

Don't forget that the majority of selfies from the big bloggers and celebrities aren't taken on their iPhone anyway.  They've been snapped on a DSLR, photoshopped, brightened and highlighted until they are effectively a profession portrait which is then cropped square and uploaded for us all to Oooh and Aaahhh over.  Cheeky little buggers, eh?

What are your tips for a great Instagram selfie?


  1. Love your filter square . . . it's pop art for the new milennium!

  2. Great post, I'm pants at taking photos full stop!

  3. Such a good post Vicki. I bottle out of chucking my mug in a photo every time (selfie or otherwise.) You make it look effortless!

  4. If you're in a hurry, hit the sun button next to the tools icon. It adds a little oomph to your photo. It's called the Lux filter.

  5. Such great tips thank you!! I like to use a timer app to get my whole body in to the pic without using a mirror but that's about all I can contribute :)

  6. Like you I never use filters any-more. I just adjust the lighting and shadows and always shoot in square! xx

  7. This is spot on...I kinda suck at taking!

  8. Great tips. I'm still experimenting with my new phone. It doesn't seem to be selfie friendly but for everything else, I love it.


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