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How to Get out of a Funk for Free

Feeling low?  Got the blues?  I don't know whether it's the weather (god damn, these cold mornings have a lot to answer for!) or something else, but more than one of my gorgeous friends have told me that they're not feeling the love right now.

It's not nice to feel down, particularly when you don't have the spondoolicks to go and treat yourself to something fabulous (what?  Doesn't everyone do this when they're fed up?).  I've got some foolproof ways to put a smile back on your face without spending (hardly) any of the grocery money.

Go for a walk.  Not around your shitty estate if that's where you live, but drive to the beach, or a park.  Find somewhere you can breathe in the fresh air and clear your head.

Meet a friend for coffee.  If you're a stay at home mum, this is usually easy-peasy as you can disguise it as a playdate.

If you're a serial playdater, then you should get yourself some of these "mummy cards" from Go Print WA.  They kindly sent me some to try out and they're seriously cute.  If you're always meeting different mummys then they're ideal for sharing your contact details, and they help others remember whose mummy you are (hopefully this is a good thing, haha!!).

Make a coffee at home and give yourself permission to have a biscuit. Or a couple.

Tidy your closet.  Unless you're feeling fat and then just tidy your shoes, trying on the prettiest as you go.

Step away from the iPhone.  Comparing yourself to everyone else's faux Facebook photos and instagrams is not going to help.

Read a book.  One that you know you love.  Let yourself have a whole hour, of uninterrupted tiara-time.

Screw the housework and watch a good comedy.   No-one ever died from a pile or two of laundry.  It might not be to everyone's taste but The Hangover movies never fail to make me laugh.

Hang out at a dog park and pet other people's pooches for nothing.  Keep a bag of dog treats or jerky in your pocket and their owners will think you're some kind of Dog-Whisperer.

Paint your nails.  Screw the gel and the SNS and the fake tips.  My nails are always completely knackered when I get this stuff removed.  Go old school with a little soak in hot water, push your cuticles back and make like Barbara Cartland with rose-scented hand cream and pink polish.

How do you get yourself out of a funk?


  1. I go to my craft table and make a card or scrapbook a happy memory- that always cheers me up!

  2. Jo @ BabbleOn City12 June 2015 at 13:37

    Love this post Vicki. Some great ideas. And I'm with you ... leave the nail-knackering gel and acrylics alone ... old skool varnish all the way! xx

    1. God I love the look of gels but I'm so over the thin fragile nails at the end of it.xx

  3. Great post Vicki. I find walking, with a child who loves to talk helps me, followed closely by a coffee catch up.


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