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What to wear to walk the dogs (and other outdoor activities!)

I'm sure you lovely ladies probably follow other fashion bloggers - am I right?  I do.  I follow LOADS.  Plenty of them seem to be on a hamster wheel of skinny lattes, exercising in next to nothing and photos of ice-creams set again unimaginably fabulous backdrops.  

Let me tell you that their lives are NOT like that.  They don't drink green juice all the time and wear spotless Nikes.  And they do have bad hair days and do school runs.  They just don't choose to share it with their readers.  And maybe if they did, we'd all stop following them because we have enough mundanity in our own lives without having to look at theirs as well.

Today I'm sharing my outfit from the weekend.  And no, I didn't go to the opening of a new store, or an art expo.  I walked the dogs.  Twice actually, but I'm only sharing the photos where the big dog didn't try and eat all of the little dogs at the park.

We went to Riverside Park in Bayswater.  If you own a dog and you haven't been, you're seriously missing out.  It is full of the most chilled out dog owners you could imagine, and all the dogs seem to understand the drill - we all play nicely or we have to go home.

There is also the cutest little caravan selling coffee and snacks!

It was quite chilly on the Saturday morning so I took the opportunity to wear my new Vela anorak that the lovely people at Rainbird Clothing sent to me.  I'd recently been complaining that it was really difficult to get a stylish, yet waterproof coat for women.  Guys get it easy and there seems to be loads around for them, but hardly any for us.

The Vela anorak is an classic parka shape, including the fishtail hem (love it!) and is $130.  It's properly waterproof too, none of this showerproof nonsense which means you get soaked if it more than starts to spit with rain.  Hubby suggested we throw some buckets of water over me to test it out.  Er.  No.

I asked him, being the inhouse photographer to take some shots that would make me look like I was on the cover of Horse and Hound magazine.  Oh how we laughed.

Anyway, it was a great day and it didn't rain so I couldn't test out the waterproof-ness (new word right there) of my new coat, which was great!

I teamed my coat with skinny jeans from Katies and a striped tee which is from Kmart.  My leopard print skate shoes are by Mr&Mare.

Vela Anorak worn by The Fashionable Mum

Vela Anorak worn by The Fashionable Mum

Vela Anorak worn by The Fashionable Mum

Cat lovers look away now.  It's all about the dogs.  Meet Dixie the staghound and Jessie the Irish Wolfhound cross.  Dogs, meet the readers!

Irish wolfhound cross


Have you sorted out your casual winter coat situation yet?


  1. Hilarious! Loved it! And your outfit was pretty darn smart too :)

  2. I thought you wee looking very Horse & Hound Vicki bahahaha!!
    Such a great post and that anorak is really nice. We take our dog to Riverside Gradens all the time, such a nice little spot xx

  3. I think Rainbird clothing might need to send me that gorgeous coat. It's just what I've been looking for. Off to case it now.

  4. Love the anorak...and your sense of humour! xx

  5. Vicki, I was just thinking today as I went for a run. Would those gorgeous skinny little fitness bloggers post their sweaty red faced, unshaved armpit photos on instagram? Sometimes that's what life is though. I love this outfit for walking the dogs. It looks casual, cool and comfortable. Great work. Bron x

  6. Well said Bron! I went for a run the other day in my PJ top.....eek!


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