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What to wear to a Tupperware Party

When did you last go to a Tupperware Party?

So it's the highlight of your social calendar this week.  You've been included on a group Facebook message, inviting you to a Tupperware party, and really, what else were you going to be doing on a Wednesday night?

Tupperware parties are a national institution and I still remember my mum prepping for them, with cheese and pineapple on sticks (the height of 1980's sophistication) and Mateus Rose wine.

Of course these parties have moved on now, and you're more likely to find Thermomix-made hummus with gluten-free crackers and frozen mojitos.

But anyway, less about the food, let's talk about the dress code. Do Tupperware parties have a dress code?  Well of course they do - doesn't everything?  Get it wrong and you could easily end up being categorised as one of the following who ALWAYS make an appearance at Tupperware parties.....


Close to the bottom of the food chain when it comes to mummys and only there for the free melon baller that everyone seems to be win.  There is no chance in hell that she will spend any of her hard earned cash on plastic boxes (even if they do come with a lifetime guarantee.  What is that even about?  Who wants a plastic box to outlive you?) and instead will attempt to eat all of the best sushi and leave before the order forms are passed out.

You will know Slummy Mummy because she will be either still in her pajamas that she wore on the school run, or she will be in the trackie daks that we wears for doing the housework.  Uggs are obligatory footwear in winter.  Thongs of course are the footwear of choice in the warmer months.

Uggs.  Just to comfy to take off


The antithesis of Slummy Mummy and her nemesis too.  FM brings her own drink - water in one of those glass bottles that are really inconvenient to carry (heavy) and awkward to drink from without chipping your front teeth (expensive).

FM will not be eating anything you provide but will most likely have brought some home made protein balls that look like something a sheep shat out and were then rolled in organic coconut shards.  Yum.

She is shopping for a set of plastic boxes that fit perfectly into her lunchbox to take her pre-prepped grilled chicken and brown rice to work in.  They have to be just the right size so that she keeps her macros balanced - god forbid.

It is not difficult to spot FM, she will have another ladies name emblazoned across her Cross-Fitted arse and an inspiration logo on her (perfect) chest that will possibly make you regret the chocolate eclair that you'd just hoovered up.

When I moved to Australia, I thought lots of girls were all called Lorna Jane....


MLCM only skim read the Facebook group message and thought she was coming to a sex toy party.  With the recent worry that her husband doesn't find her attractive any more and that all her friends are doing Iron Man competitions whilst she dodges her weekly Zumba sesh, this mum figured a "personal aid" might be just the thing for spicing up her life (as the Spice Girls put it).

She will be found in the corner, drinking wine from the bottle and wondering how you insert the batteries into the below item.

You'll be able to spot MLCM easily because "any excuse to dress up" is her motto.  She will probably look a little like a 1980's designer store has thrown up all over her, with logos a-go-go. LV, D&G, YSL, you name it, she's wearing it.  Don't be confused and think she has money to burn, most of this gear was tricked from the last trip to Bali.  Natch.


Oh how I love thermomix mummies.  They are just overflowing with their generosity in providing food at any given opportunities.

"Oh, this lemon meringue pie?  I just threw a lemon and an egg into the Thermie and out it popped."

"Truffle tortellini?  Too easy, darling.  I just threw in a truffle-finding piggy into the Thermeister and out it came."

TM won't be eating any of your food, because hers is infinitely better purely because it was made in a machine which is the equivalent of sucking all of the fun out of cooking.

You might tempt her with a frozen margarita but you will have to then listen to how the one she makes in the fun-sucking machine is much, much better.

Thermomix mummy doesn't have a uniform as such but you'll be able to spot her as she will buy THE MOST items at the Tupperware party as she cooks so freaking much.


This is the mum with so many children, but luckily doesn't have to live in a shoe.  After having farmed them all out to various friends and family so she can actually leave the house by herself, she will collapse in a corner with a bottle of wine - any will do.

Wine.  The multiple mum's best friend.

It is unlikely that she will buy anything - attempting to get all the kids lunch boxes from Tupperware would mean spending the equivalent of the federal budget.  She will probably bring along lots of ancient tupperware boxes that she's found at the back of the kitchen cupboard, in the hope of scoring some free lids (where do all the lids go??).

MM is easily spotted by the fact that she never wears anything other than black pants.  And a bright top to, you know, "lift the outfit".  Her life is too busy to think about what she wears so having multiples of the same thing in her closet means one less thing to worry about whilst breastfeeding, supervising homework, brushing teeth.....

So, what do you, FASHIONABLE MUM, wear to a Tupperware party?  I don't actually think it matters too much, so long as you turn up, have a few drinks, spend twenty bucks to keep the host happy and enjoy a couple of hours away from the kids.  Who cares what you're wearing?


  1. I am the multiple mummy... I go to these parties for the wine and that is it.... My budget doesn't allow for Tupperware

  2. You forgot one really important demographic... the blogging mum. Arrives,takes lots of photos, including a what I wore one and finds the blogging angle. I'm actually allergic to Tupperware parties.

    1. How could I leave out the BM?? Maybe I have a special post all about her coming up soon..... :)

      I think lots of people are allergic to tupperware parties - I struggle at any of these kind of parties at people's houses, I always feel obliged to buy something I don't want, like an oddly scented candle or a pillow sham...

  3. I have only been to one tupperware party - it doubled as a hen's night for a friend. I did come away with the best wine bottle opener in history - sadly it rarely gets used any more as corks are hardly in bottles anymore!

  4. PMSL I've been to a few Tupperware parties. I never really put much thought into what I wore other than maybe wearing elastic waisted pants so I could stuff myself with the snacks and food. I guess I'm the opposite of the fit mummy. I'm the 'has completely let herself go' mummy. Thanks for the giggle!

  5. Oh, the LOLs! I'm usually a "here to boost the numbers and make token purchase so the host gets a gift" party attendee . . . ooh, is that camembert? Don't mind if I do!

  6. Haven't attended a Tupperware party for a while. xoxo


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