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What to wear to hide a round tummy

I asked you lovely guys recently if there was a certain part of your anatomy that you were less than thrilled with. A resounding "yes" came back from a lot of ladies, and a lack of love for our tummies was one of the things that was mentioned the most.

Body acceptance is a wonderful thing.  It's fantastic if you can look in the mirror and be thrilled with what you see, or at the least be at peace with your reflection.  For the majority of us though, it's a case of playing up what you love and disguising what you don't.

I think the days of categorising people by their body shape is long gone (I don't want to be a freaking brick, thanks!).  Everyone's body is completely different and it changes with age, babies, fitness, etc, etc.  

This is the first post in a mini series helping you to play down the bits of you that you're not feeling the love for - starting with the protruding tummy.

Whether it's post pregnancy, early pregnancy or just too many Krispy Kremes (that'd be me then), lots of us want to disguise our tummies.  Women naturally carry more weight around our middles and tummys can be a real problem zone.

I've got five ways to make a tummy less obvious, starting with one that works for pretty much every woman on the planet.

Wear high waisted pants.

Pants that finish below your belly button are an absolute pain in the neck when you have a big tum.  Not only are they horribly uncomfortable, but they cut you in two, making your problem are look worse, even if you're wearing a loose top.  

For both jeans and leggings find one with a high rise. Lots of high street stores do amazing jeans now for even more amazing prices.  Katies and Crossroads both have higher rise jeans with additional "fit benefits" built in for under $50 a pair.

Crossroads jeans, $44.95

Katie's Body Sculpture Jeans, $49.95

Get a great bra.

I know I keep banging on about a good fitting bra, but seriously, the more space between your boobs and your waist, the better.  Get them uplifted and your tummy will look less of a problem.  

Target do bra fitting as do all of the high street underwear shops such as Bras n Things.

Draping is your best friend.

I'm not talking about wearing voluminous tops to disguise your tummy, but draping on a dress or skirt is a great way to conceal extra weight.  It confuses the eye and is super flattering.  Check out these items below for an idea of how draping would work for you.

Drape Dress, Country Road, $149.95

Waterfall Dress, The Iconic, $69.98

Yvette Drape Skirt, The Iconic, $49.95

Distract the eye to a deep v neck line.

I love a deep V neck - it flatters my ample chest and distracts from my tummy which is not my favourite part of me.  If you are not confident enough to expose too much decollate then try a v-shaped statement necklace which will work in a similar way.

Become a layer player.

It might be tempting to swathe yourself in acres of fabric in an attempt to disguise a less than taut tummy, but the reverse actually works better.  A well fitting jacket or blazer will form vertical lines down the body, cutting the tummy volume in half.  In a dark colour with a patterned top underneath this trick works even better.

Chastity Blazer, The Iconic, $79.95
 (Note the illusion that the narrow vertical strip of white top creates)

If you don't like to feel too "done", the latest influx of drapey trenches are pretty fabulous too as their long loose shape distracts the eye from your tummy.

Jainey T Waterfall Jacket, The Iconic, $59.95

 In the next one of these posts, I'll be dealing what to wear to flatter a larger bust - stay tuned!

Do you have any foolproof ways you'd like to tell me about how you disguise a round tummy?


  1. These are all great ideas! I love that jeans are a little higher this year!

  2. Thanks Shan, I'm living int Katies jeans at the moment, they're just fabulous

  3. Yes to the high-waisted jean/legging/jegging! Waiting [im]patiently for my Crossroads Click and Collect to come in.

  4. Brilliant post! The tummy is such a tricky area. These are all easy to implement ideas. Love it. x

  5. Great tips. I've been sporting a mummy pouch since having 3 under 3. It wouldn't matter how much weight I lose or how fit I am, it remains to some extent and I'm always looking for ways to disguise it. Love this post.


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