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Personal Styling from The Fashionable Mum is here!

Remember when you were a kid and had some exciting news to share?  You'd be jumping up and down on the spot just waiting for someone to give you the go ahead to start talking at double speed.

Well, I've been desperate to share this news with for just about forever, but I seem to have been up to my neck in wonderful collaborations and not a moment to spare.  Also, Agent Mystery Case had put a restraining order on me opening my big mouth until we got our latest style challenge off the ground.

But finally, I can let the cat out of the bag and share my news that I'm going to be offering personal styling to the gorgeous women of Perth.  Exciting hey?  It has always been my passion to offer style advice to others, whether they wanted to hear it or not sometimes...

I also have another couple of exciting collaborations coming up soon which will see me styling up a storm at various events for beautiful ladies, just like you. I want to share my knowledge of style and fashion with you, so that you feel "put together" all of the time.  Oh, and don't think I'll be dragging you around all the designer stores, coaxing you to spend money you don't have - we will still be sneaking style into the grocery budget.

For more information, and a sneak peek at what's happening next, click here.


  1. How exciting! I wish I lived in Perth!

  2. Super excited for you. I've been super impressed seeing you in action and just know you will hit the ground running with this!

  3. Yay! Congratulations, That is very exciting news. Rachel xx


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