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How to shop the Bindaring Red Cross Sale like a Super Hero

Holy thrift shop, Batman, the countdown is on.  It is now officially less than a week to the op shop event of the year - the Bindaring Red Cross Sale.  It doesn't matter whether you've got ten bucks to spend or the equivalent of a month's salary to spend, there'll be something to satisfy you.

On May 16th, a huge pavilion at Claremont Showground will be filled with thrifted goodies donated to the Red Cross.  I'm going to give you some hot tips to shop the sale like a seasoned thrifter and then divulge all the juicy details.

I spent a delightful Friday diving into the racks of op shop goodies and have four looks to share with you over the course of this week - the first one right now.  I was given free rein to style from any of the four zones of the sale, but, being all about the bargain, I chose everything from the option section where all items are $10 or less.

In this shot I'm wearing a vintage leather midi skirt teamed with a J Crew crop sleeve sweatshirt.  The sweat has a beautiful jewelled necklace and sleeves.  Both were scored from the opshop section!


The Early Bird catches the Choos - I've been to the sale before and arrived pretty smug around 7.30am….only to find a rather large queue already in place. If you're serious about getting the good stuff, then aim for 6am.  Take a flask of coffee and don't worry if you didn't have time for brekkie - a little bird tells me that there will be gourmet bacon and egg rolls on sale from 7am!

Dress The Part - and by that I don't mean wear all your best designer gear!  You need to dress for comfort and ease of undressing.

There are changing rooms at the sale, but they are communal, so unless you like stripping off in front of a bunch of strangers, I'd suggest you wear something that you can slip purchases over the top - leggings,  a singlet and a wrap or warm cardigan is perfect.  Add some slip on shoes and you're set to go - you don't want to be re-lacing sneakers all day long!

Bag it Up - a small, cross body bag/messenger style would be the bomb.  You don't need a WAG bag getting in your way as you grab the bargains.  This may sound a little excessive, but if you're serious about bagging a serious amount of treasure, then take one of those blue Ikea shoppers with you.  It'll fold down into your handbag but free up your hands whilst you thrift.

Hunt in Packs - if you're heading to the sale with a bunch of friends make the most of the extra pairs of hands.  Let your mates know what you're particularly hunting for so they can grab anything they deem suitable.  If you're shopping on your own, make sure you know exactly which are you want to head for first.  Looking for a winter coat - head there as soon as you're through the doors.  I admit that I'm a little bit "Monica" about op shopping haha!

More Cash equals More Dash - there won't be any EFTPOS at the sale, so make sure you have enough cash - taking some change rather than a bunch of fifties will make it much easier for the volunteers, too.

He who Hesitates is Lost - please take me seriously when I share this tip as it could be the tagline of the Bindaring Sale! If you see something that is vaguely interesting to you, even if you don't know if it's your size, or whether it's in good enough condition, just grab it.  The last time I went, girls were literally taking armfuls of clothes from the racks without even looking at them.  They would then set themselves up in a corner and sift through the items.

Smile! - I hope I've helped out with a few useful tips and not scared you too much.  It gets busy, crowded and a little hectic, but honestly, it is such a great fun day out.  Enjoy the experience and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you score some major bargains!

Ok, now for the serious details.

Date - 16 May 2015

Time - 9am (but the Boutique opens at 10am)

Entrance price - free, but a gold coin donation to enter the Boutique

Zones -
  • Op Shoppers Paradise - racks and racks of your favourite high street brands all for less than ten bucks a pop.  Expect to find shoes, belts and handbags, too.
  • Boutique - new and nearly new designer brands at knock down prices
  • Emporium - a selection of vintage treasures
  • One Dollar Bags - what it says on the tin - bags of goodies with lots of life left in them for those on a strict budget.
Parking - via Gate 5 on Graylands Road

Pedestrians - via Gate 1 on Graylands Road

Public Transport - trains will be stopping at Showground Station from 8am-6pm.

I can't wait for Saturday!  Do you have any pro op shopping tips that you can share with us?

*All items were loaned to me by the Bindaring Clothes Sale and returned ready for the sale on Saturday.


  1. I'm definitely going to try and make this with my girls. Looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Hope you can make it, I think your girls would absolutely love it.

  2. Oh my god you are a pro at shopping Vicki. This is such an informative article. Now only if I could encourage myself to wake up early and travel to Claremont from Rockingham life would be perfect.

    1. You can do it!!! Glad you enjoyed the post - I admit I am a little, er, well planned when it comes to things like this....

  3. So I'm covering a movie preview that morning, so I'm now wondering if by the time I get there mid afternoon, there will be nothing worth casing. Thoughts? What time is your style session?


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