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Shopping outside of your Safety Zone

We all have shops that fit happily within our comfort zone, right?  Shops that when you feel a little down and need a fix, or you need an outfit pronto, you can be absolutely guaranteed to find the thing you want/need/lust after.

For me, those shops are:

  • Katie's Fashion - even at full price they are always affordable
  • Witchery (only in the sale section)
  • Target - such an immense selection that you can't really fail to find something you like
  • The Iconic - again, a vast selection to suit most tastes.
However, I got to thinking recently that I'm limiting myself to a safety zone and not exploring all those other high street stores that might be sat there, brimming over with stuff that I'm going to LOVE!

So, even though I'm not really buying too much at the moment, I'm setting myself a little challenge.  That challenge is to shop outside of my safety zone.  I'm going to go into shops that I'd normally completely overlook (hello, Supre!).  Some of these shops I've automatically characterised as being either too young, too old, too expensive or whatever.  I'm going to give peace these a chance.

Don't expect me to suddenly start wearing hot pink body con mini dresses, though, or sensible cardis. I'm pretty convince that every shop has something to offer if you have a little time and an open mind. 

The advantages of shopping off piste could be massive:

  • They might have a wonderful reward/membership scheme that gives you vouchers on your birthday (I LOVE shops that do this!)
  • You can probably be pretty certain that you won't see anyone in your tribe wearing the same item as you.
  • The item of your dreams could be lurking in amongst the random slogan tees or fluffy jumpers!

In fact, the shoes I wore today came from a shop that I wouldn't normally be on my smash n grab list.  These little babies were 50% off and although the photo is fairly rubbish, they are a divine deep grey with tiny rainbow sparkles in the snakeskin pattern - LOVE!  I present to you my ten dollar skate shoes from Millers.


I hope I've inspired you to shop outside of your safety zone a little! Which stores do you normally just walk on by?


  1. Great tips and what a bargain buy. Love them.

  2. Yes, I'm with you on this (especially re: Millers - you can find cool pieces hiding amongst the florals and E-Z Fit Comfort Waistbands!) I haven't yet braved Supre though . . . even the music puts me off.

  3. My "comfort shops" are Crossroads, Millers, Target and Katies ... was surprised to pick up some things I really liked at Valley Girl as I usually only go in there with Miss 18!

    1. I feel a little self conscious when I go into shops like Valley Girl, but you know what? Any sale is a sale to the assistants so I try not to worry.

  4. I definitely stick to my typical shops (witchery, portions, target, cue), but it is nice to explore other things sometimes! But not supre, don't put yourself through that torture!


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