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Fashionomics Friday - the Autumn Piece your Wardrobe Needs

There is one piece that is in EVERY shop this season and that's the blanket wrap.  Some people say poncho but that reminds me too much of this…..

Old enough to be my grandad, but I still would.

The blanket wrap will update your Autumn wardrobe in one easy step and it has the following advantages over a coat:

  • You can wear it in a number of ways
  • They can easily be purchased for under $75 - though there are many beautiful more expensive ones on the markets, it's Fashionomics Friday, y'all!
  • You can throw it over your scruffy "Game of Thrones" marathon outfit and still look vaguely put together.
Here's a bit of Pinspiration and proof that all the cool kids are rocking blanket wraps this season, and so can we.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
A couple of tips on how to wear them:

  • I think the ones that are slightly shaped are easier to wear and less likely to make you look like you're wearing some bedding.  Likewise, an actual poncho with a head-hole is a little limiting and I actually feel quite claustrophobic in them (yes, I'm a weirdo).
  • Because of the volume they create on top they are best worn with a slim bottom half, such as skinny jeans or leggings and boots.
  • Choosing a neutral colour such as grey or camel means you can wear it with pretty much anything.  Choosing plain black limits you to vampire dress ups and re-creating your gothic youth (that might just be me).

These are my picks from the high street right now - so much goodness to choose from, I'm not sure which is my favourite.

Ally Fashion, $29.95 
Asos, on sale, $27.50

Katies, $39.95*

Millers, $30 (seriously, how much like the Burberry Cape is this??)*

Katies, $59.95*

Ally Fashion, $39.95

Sportsgirl $69.95

Will you be embracing this warm and snuggly trend?  I can't wait to start wearing mine, and I've got a rather exciting collaboration coming up in the next few weeks featuring one of these beautiful pieces!

*items with an asterisk are affiliate links, if you click through and buy I will earn a small amount but it will cost you no more.

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  1. I still have one in my wardrobe from the last time these were the 'in thing'!


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