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A Sensible Post about Waterproof Coats

Shopping for some items make you a little giddy with excitement, don't they?  New shoes, a dress for a special occasion, you know the sort of stuff.  Shopping for a serious, sensible waterproof coat is not exciting.  It's a bit boring and a lot practical.  However, if you walk the kids to school, or catch the train to walk, or really just spend any serious amount of time outdoors for half of the year, you're going to need a decent coat.

An Instagram follower, Bree, recently asked me to find her a few options, ideally for less than $150.

For me, a decent winter coat has to do the following:

...Be at least showerproof

...Have a hood

...Cover my bum

...Make you want to go outside because it's so fabulous to look at.

In Perth, the weather never gets that cold (says the girl from England!) so I'm avoiding the coats that look like you could sleep outdoors, on a rock, in the Arctic wearing only the coat.

I've done a fair bit of research to find these, as lots of the very practical coats are all a bit too "valdereee, valderahh, love to go a-wandering" if you catch my drift.  I wanted something that at least nods in the direction of being stylish.

1. Vela Anorak, Rainbird Clothing $130.  Rainbird clothing are a serious Aussie outerwear company and I love the styling of this military style anorak.  It's properly waterproof and get this - it has an internal pocket with a headphone port!  Perfect for encouraging you to go for your walk when it's bucketing it down!

2. Waterproof trench coat, Rivers $80.  This is such a bargain for a very stylish outdoors-y style coat. It's another actual waterproof (not showerproof which actually translates as "if it's more than a spit, I'm getting soaked") and I really like the styling of it. If I didn't already have a couple of waterproof coats this would be on my list.

3. Mad Snakes Raincoat, Gorman, $99.  This one is only water-resistant so perhaps won't cut it when there's a proper downpour.  However, it is lightweight enough to layer over a winter coat and would pack down fairly small under a pushchair or in your bag.

4. Rain mac ASOS, $88.94.  How much fun is this?  Again, it's only water resistant but it almost makes going out in the rain worth it!

5-8. Boden Rainyday Macs in various colour ways, between $108-$130.  I'm not sure if my Aussie readers will know much about Boden, but they are a quintessentially British company who have recently created a dedicated Australian shopping site - woohoo!  Their rainy day mac is a bit of a classic and they bring it out each year in a variety of lengths and quirky patterns.  Shipping is only $10 and it's local returns to Sydney too.

Let me know what you wear when it starts to chuck it down with rain, or if you've been unfortunate to encounter the recent unpleasant weather, share what you've been wearing.


  1. I'm not a fast learner. I was completely drenched heading to a film festival opening. Arrived looking like a drowned rat after spending far too much time getting ready. Vowed to always have an umbrella in the car from that point but didn't follow through. I've been drenched twice since then. I'm close to calling the drowned rat look a new trend.

  2. Number 7- number 7!!!!! I love it. Maybe I need to buy it for myself for Mother's Day. I walk the 5 year old to school most mornings and currently have a bright green coat that yes is waterproof, but it is very unflattering.

  3. Love those Boden macs - any one! I agree, the weather in Perth is never cold enough for a real wrap up warm coat but to stay dry and warm in wind and rain is the thing - without lots of condensation on the inside.


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