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Fashionomics Friday- How to shop without spending any money (an update!)

Yep, it's truly possible, I can prove it.

I'm attempting to not spend a great deal at the moment.  We're not rolling in cash right now and the obvious place to cut back is on stuff you don't actually need to survive - like new shoes.

So I'm not actually buying anything at the moment. But, I have managed to, well, procure a couple of items....

A comment on my Facebook page from friend and fellow blogger Raychael over at Mystery Case prompted me to think maybe I should share my no-spend shopping secrets with my readers.  So here you go - seven sneaky ways to shop without opening your purse.

1. Check your supermarket loyalty card for unused points.  This first one is a bit of a no-brainer.  I use Coles for my food shopping and always make sure I use my Flybuys card (don't forget to use it in Liquorland, Kmart, Target, or any of the other retailers below).  The points mount up quite quickly and I find that at the end of each month, I have enough points to redeem either $20 to spend at Target or $40 to spend at Mix Apparel (you get double the value for Mix - kerching!).

It might not be a massive amount of spondoolicks but when you need a shopping fix it hits the spot.

2. Sign up to THE BEST Loyalty schemes.  Lots of loyalty schemes offer discounts based on the amount you spend with them over the year.  This is lovely but doesn't actually get you stuff for nothing.  You still have to actually spend some money before earning the reward, so it doesn't fit my strict criteria. (I know this is the same with Flybuys, but I figure everyone needs to buy food, right?)

So, if you're not a member with these high street giants, you're missing out.  These three stores send you a birthday gift in the form of $$$ to spend!  It's only twenty or thirty bucks, but that'll treat you to something lovely and sparkly for sure (even if it's only a hair clip at Mimco).

Mimco Loyalty Scheme

Witchery Loyalty Scheme

Katies Loyalty Scheme

Crossroads Reward Scheme

3. Check you pockets.  I'm not kidding around.  How often have you found a stray ten bucks at the bottom of your handbag when you've been cleaning it out?  If you have a spare ten minutes, rummage through all of your bags, jackets and jeans to see what you can find.  I'd even check your husbands too - after all, what's his is yours, right??

4. Swap Shop.  You have friends, yes?  And I'm betting they wear clothes too.  How about organising an evening clothes swap with your buddies.  Everyone brings along a few items that they don't wear anymore (and some wine.  Always wine) and you simply swap with someone else.  If you bring five items, you get to take five items home, or whatever.  Great way to clear out your closet and bag some beauties too.

5. Check all of your online store accounts for credit.  This is how I managed to procure this week's non-shopped item - my Mr& Mare Dude skate shoes (similar here)*.  I logged into my The Iconic account and there was $70 sitting winking at me.  Yup, that was quite a high after a weekend that'd included smashing my iPhone 5 and enough tantrums to start World War 3.  I've no idea how I'd forgotten it was there, but I had, so all was awesome.

Free shoes! (kind of)

6. Return your stuff.  I'm pretty good at returning stuff that I change my mind about.  I hate the thought of unworn things hanging in my closet - such a horrid waste of money.  So, I only take tags off when I'm actually going to wear the item for the first time.  Then, if after a couple of weeks, I haven't worn it, or decided I don't like it anymore I just take it back.

It helps if you keep your receipts, obviously, but most stores will at least give you store credit if you've lost it.  The downside of this is that if the item has been reduced, you only get the current price for it - so it pays to keep your receipts (I stuff all mine in a shoebox in the closet).

7.  Donate to Charity.  If you buy something at an opshop you're not actually shopping, you did know that?  You are donating to a very worthwhile cause.  You could drop a few dollars in a collecting tin, or you could score yourself some vintage down at the local Salvos and still feel virtuous.  Where the Styled Things Are has a list of all the Perth OpShops to have a crack at.

AND did you know that Salvo had teamed up with Myer to create the "Fashion Rescue" initiative?  If you donate some of your wardrobe to your local Salvo, Myer will give you $10 to spend instore.  Now it that's not an incentive to check our your local opshop, I don't know what is.

Do you have any other strategies for shopping without opening your wallet?


  1. Fantastic post - I have done quite a few of these - especially Witchery and Mimco. I didn't know about the Salvo's and Myer Fashion rescue though so I am definitely going to have a clean out of my wardrobe and take advantage of this - thanks for sharing :-)

    1. It's a great idea, Kate, I'm going to have a clear out too.x

  2. Great post. Now how does one find $70 of credit? Off to check my accounts, although I don't think I have any.

    1. I guess you need to be a bit of a "serial-returner" like me!

  3. I just did a clothes swap in the weekend- here is my post about it!

  4. Excellent tips; I have exercised the Flybuys points, birthday rewards, PayPal account, travel money card and of course op shopping which is TOTALLY donating to charity rather than actual shopping, I must be one of the most philanthropic people in Adelaide!

  5. I'm glad you've revisited this post. It's rather timely for me as I navigate paying the mortgage while our tenants are over a month behind in rent and will be evicted in two weeks. I think I may need a no spend challenge for the next couple of months and I may need my chaotic wardrobe sorted once and for all, starting with a massive online garage sale.

  6. Great tips! Loved this post!!
    I've logged into The Iconic before to find forgotten returns awaiting my spending - such a fab feeling!

  7. I am not savvy enough with any of this stuff! Thanks for the heads-up. Off to get myself sorted!

  8. Such great tips! I wish I'd known about that Myer/Salvos scheme - I just gave a whole load of stuff to Vinnie's. Still, it's all for a good cause! I always return stuff I don't like, Kikki K do a nifty little receipt files, and I keep an envelope for each of my favourite stores. You can enter the date, price and description of each receipt, so it's also a good way to keep track of spending!


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