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The 5 Best Apps When You're a Style Blogger

It's no secret that us bloggers spend a ridiculous amount of time on our iphones and ipads, and we're either checking out other people's social media, or updating our own.

After many unsuccessful downloads of questionable apps, I've come up with just a handful that I use on a daily basis.  Here are my top 5 apps that every style blogger needs in their arsenal, in fact, pretty much everyone will love these!

Little Moments App $2.49

I am, as you are no doubt aware, a bit of a tightwad - if I can get something for free then that is generally the route I will take.  However, I'd read so many great reviews of this app, that I had to swallow my small change and give it a whirl.

Photo Credit: Fat Mum Slim

It's basically a photo editor but contains just the most beautiful filters and overlays that you'll find anywhere.  There are extra packs that you can pay a few more cents for, but I just use the basic set that came with the app (told you I was tight!).

The app is brainchild of Chantelle, aka Fat Mum Slim and is really useful if you join in with her Photo A Day challenges because it included the prompts for each day.

I guarantee it will up your Instagram game.

Square Ready, free.

Another photo editing app, but this one has the distinct advantage of putting any shape photo into a "square" without cropping it, and importing it into Instagram.  All of those lovely Instagram accounts with the white space between each photo are more than likely using Square Ready.  

Its photo editor is pretty powerful, too and includes some great filters.A new feature has just been added which means you can blur the background of pictures giving the impression that they were taken on a DSLR camera.

Square Ready
Square Ready in action, free.

I love!  It is a free link shortening service which is completely configurable.  For example, when you shorten a link to your blog that you've written about sunglasses, it might give you the "" - you can use this as it is or you can amend it to suit your brand or post content.  For the sunglasses post, I might amend the shortened link to "".

Every click on the bit/.ly link is logged in your account so you can see how many times your post has been viewed.  There are more detailed statistics in the pipeline which look like they will give Google Analytics a run for their money.

The biggest advantage for me when using a link is that I can schedule a post on facebook using the link and it doesn't matter that the blog post doesn't go live until just before the facebook post.  This give me greater control over publicizing my blog posts on social media.

You can use on the net or via the app and it tracks all of the links in both places.

StyleBook, $3.99.

I downloaded this app quite a long time ago and it was free back then.  It is a wonderful way of keeping track of all the items in your wardrobe and also a way to track what you wore.  

I haven't used it for a while but I am determined to get back into it.  It's not that I have so many clothes that I forget what I have, but I do forget the combinations in which I wore them that I was happy with.  Of course you can snap a selfie and keep it in your photo library, but this is just such a "slick" way to do it.

It also has a Polyvore style section where you can plan outfits based on all the things in your closet, and you can download inspiration pics too.

Easy to use and a little addictive once you start!

Just Unfollow (now called CrowdFire), free.

This is an Instagram (and very recently, Twitter) linked app which has the unique ability to be able to schedule Instagram posts to suit you.  It will also schedule them at a time that it things your photo will be seen the most.  How clever is that?  This app has a host of other functionality too, including a list of your most engaged followers and it gives you the opportunity to easily like their latest posts when you don't have time to hunt them down on Instagram.

Give it a whirl - I love seeing a list of my new followers (and those that have unfollowed me too, haha!!)

Would you care to share you favourite apps with me?  And I don't mean Candy Crush - I've been stuck on level 356 forever!


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