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How to avoid Domestic Drudgery

Otherwise titled "How to make Housework slightly enjoyable, or, at worst, tolerable".

Is my blog title a bit "bait-y"?  Do you feel like I got you here under false pretences?  I  bet you expected to open this post and find hints and tips on how to remain true to your feminist self whilst still maintaining a tidy home.


Nope, this post is a lot more frivolous than that and it's all about how to survive a full day's housework without feeling more resentment than a moth in a butterfly farm.

We live in a rental which means we are subjected to a more invasion inspection every three months than if you were a suspected drug smuggler at an airport.

I hate inspections.  I hate housework.  So I'm sharing my tips with you to make it just that little bit more bearable.  Just a bit....

Caffeinate, don't procrastinate.
Ensure you are primed with coffee.  No herbal tea for you this morning - you need full strength, double shot of Columbia's finest to get your engines revved up and tearing at the start line.  Skip this primer at your peril - you'll be dead on your feet by 11am and ready for a nap/cupcake/both.

Totally Addicted to Bass.
Or if drum and bass isn't your thang (embarrassingly, it is mine and I love a bit of this, cranked up loud - kids hate me in the car....), choose another music channel from the TV that streams continuous music.  Don't put on MTV else you risk getting distracted by someone pimping something, or perfect bottoms.

Get Naked.
Or close to it anyway.  Cleaning in the Perth heat can be a killer, so rather than cranking up the aircon, try stripping off down to your scanties, or pop on a bikini.  Just keep a cover-up on hand in case the Australia Post Man calls....

Oh, you pretty things.
Keep all your cleaning paraphernalia in one place.  Seriously, this is the best tip I can give you.  If it's all in one container, it's so much easier to cart it from one room to another.

Oh, and if your cleaning bits are cute, they are way more fun to use.  Check out Kmart who are of course one of the cheapest - they have a lovely range in pink and purple. Who wouldn't want to use a pink scrubbing brush to clean the shower grout?

List it out, baby.
Don'tcha just love a good list?  I have one on Excel (yawnorama!) for my house inspections but doing it on a scrap of paper and sticking it on the fridge is just as effective.  Crossing out items as you nail them is as satisfying as peeling PVA glue off your fingers after a kids' crafting session.

Set mini deadlines such as having the bedrooms all sorted by 11am.  Then you can reward yourself with a pitstop for a cup of tea.  Or a vodka.

What a turn off!
No, cheeky, not the thought me me doing my housework in my underwear.  Turn off the devices.  Don't get distracting by checking emails, Facebook, refreshing instagram or that blasted tweety noise from your phone.  Procrastination is your worst enemy when you're doing something that you don't enjoy!  Switch it off and only check when you stop for a caffeine top up.

There you have it.  Congratulation yourself that you are indeed the perfect model of a Stepford Wife anyone could wish to meet.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share on how you get your housework cracked?


  1. Or you could do what I did and incorporate a cook, clean and slave after me vow into your wedding vows and outsource. LOL Which works pretty well when hubby is on dry land. All jokes aside, I think the best way to look at the mundane side of housework is that it counts as exercise.

  2. Fantastically hilarious cleaning tips! Next time I'm doing the household chores in the nude! Lol! I find that some good 'cleaning music' always does the trick!

  3. Great tips ... believe me I think I've tried them all in a bid to make housework more bearable. Currently I am loving my robot vaccum :-)


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