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The 5 Best Hairstyles for Hot Weather from Pinterest

I love the summer time, I really do.  I do not, however, love having my long hair stuck to the back of my neck.  *Shudder*.  Of course you can just chuck it up into a ponytail, but let me tell you that Pinterest has some far more interesting ideas than that.  And all the ones I've chosen do not involve milkmaid braids so you won't look like you're on your way to preschool.

These styles should work for most textures of hair and should stay put all (summer's) day long.

Wrap it!

If your hair gets unbearably frizzy on hot, humid days, a headscarf can be a lifesaver.  I'd probably tuck my fringe underneath a little more with this style, but I love the messy bun.

Tutorial here!

Double Elastic Updo

I adore this hair style and in theory I should be able to rock it perfectly.  However, I've never managed to get those elastic hair bands to stay in place.  I do wear this look, but I use a couple of thin plastic alice bands instead.

Double Elastic UpDo Tutorial

The Low Plaited Bun

No tutorial for this one, but so easy it doesn't really need one.  Simply fix your hair into a low side bun, plait it through till the end then coil it back onto itself and fix with another alice band.  Simple and really stylish for work, too.

Hot weather perfection

The Lux Ponytail

Probably the most complex of the five styles, but still really simple once you've done it a couple of times.  Limited equipment required, and again, super stylish and sophisticated for work.

Perfect Ponytail

The messy topknot

Everyone knows that this is my go-to hairstyle on hot days.  It can be made less messy if you're on your way into the office, but looks just as good on the beach.  This tutorial is just gorgeous to watch, too.

Messy topknot tutorial

Do you have any other hot weather hair ideas you'd like to share with me?


  1. I grew my hair with the specific wish of being able to do a top knot/messy bun and it is definitely my go-to style. I'm not at all skilled with hair but a bit of experimentation, a bun booster, some hair twists and the VS Sassoon Curl Secret definitely helps.

  2. Great post. My hair is just starting to reach the perfect length again for a pony tail but I feel a bit odd wearing one, unless I'm exercising. I love the look of the double bands but like you can't seem to get mine to play that kind of game.


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