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Pure Glow Cleanse - My One Day Juice Cleanse Review

For those regular readers of my blog, you will know that I am terrified of green juices.  I have no idea why but the thought of drinking puree'd vegetables makes me feel a little funny.

BUT, I am trying to get fitter and eat better this year - I'm also up for a challenge so when Pure Glow Cleanse asked if I'd like to trial their one day cold pressed juice cleanse I jumped at the chance.

Pure Glow Cleanse use state of the art cold press equipment to produce the juices overflowing with nutrients.  They offer four different cleanse packages and you can also buy the juices in a 6-pack simply to enjoy over three days.

All of the juices are perfectly balanced by their own nutritionist, Angela and are numbered so you drink them in a specific order during the day.

The benefits of a juice cleanse are apparently many and I was certainly looking forward to having more energy and flushing out a few toxins (hello too many bottles of Becks at the weekend).

I picked the juices up from North Perth on Tuesday night ready for my cleanse on Wednesday. You can pick up from their studio or they'll also deliver the juices for FREE if someone can guarantee to be home (no one wants to find a pack of warm, sweaty juices on their doorstep - they have to go straight in the fridge).

I opened my Sunrise Elixir with a certain amount of trepidation but was delighted to find it one of the most thirst quenching things I've ever drank.  The combination of citrus and mint is a great way to wake up.

I was most scared of juice number two - glowing greens.  I don't know how they do it, but this juice was sweet, filling and didn't taste of kale in the slightest.

I happily downed the rest of the juices and the only one I wasn't all that keen on was the final juice of the day - Chai Vanilla Dream. I guess that's because I don't really dig creamy drinks.

I didn't particularly feel hungry during the day, but at one point felt the need to "chew" so grabbed a couple of plums from the fruit bowl.

The following day I woke feeling great. No detox-y headaches or lack of energy.  Just ready to face a busy day.  A friend asked me how my "movements" were during and after the cleanse and I can reveal that they were perfectly normal.  I think she was a little disappointed in my answer.

If you're feeling a little lacklustre or under the weather a juice cleanse could be just the thing to put a spring back in your step. But if I'm really honest, this cleanse didn't feel like a chore or a hardship - the juices are so delicious that it feels rather indulgent. What a bonus!

*this is not a sponsored post but I was provided by Pure Glow Cleanse with a one day juice cleanse to trial.  Opinions and photos are all mine, baby.

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