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Grey is the New Black - Trend One for Autumn

It is cooling down, isn't it?  It isn't?  No, it must be nearly Autumn, surely?  The shops are already full of coats and woolies.

Nope, you're right -  it is nowhere near cool enough on the west coast to be thinking about wearing coats or even full length pants BUT the shops are always a good couple of months ahead of the season change so now is the time to start thinking about what you're wearing when the temperature drops.

The problem is that if you leave your cool-weather shopping until it is actually cool, then all the good stuff is sold out and the only stuff left is suitable for an arctic Canadian winter rather than a fairly temperate Perth one.

I've had a few emails recently tempting me with all the new season loveliness and I've managed to cut through all the trends to chisel it down to just three that I'm cheering for this Autumn.  I'm going to be talking about these trends over the next couple of weeks, so here's the first.

Grey is the new Black

Be still my beating heart.  I love grey, in all its storm cloudiness glory, it is the perfect neutral for the cooler weather.  Black is awesome of course, but head to toe black everyday is only for the very committed.  Different shades of grey (50, yes, if you like) worn together looks modern, expensive and is so easy to do.

Witchery has a fabulous selection of all things grey, including slouchy joggers, luxurious blanket wraps and draped cardigans.  All of these items work perfectly for a casual every day look but grey is the ultimate work wardrobe colour too.

Witchery's Shades of Grey Collection is instore now

Sussan also have some beautiful new pieces in grey.  They're less about the shade head to toe, but more about incorporating it with different neutrals and colour pops.

Sussan The Grey Scale instore now

Of course we'd all like to be able to go and fill our closets with the new season, full price beauties but that's not the way life works.  I don't ever buy anything full price unless I've checked I can't get a similar item for a lot less in the sales.  Here are a few pieces I've found that channel the grey trend on sale.

Witchery Marl Tee, reduced to $34.95

Witchery Cowl Neck Tee, reduced to $39.95
Sussan Drape Dress, reduced to $69.95

Witchery Zip Jeans reduced to $59.95

The Iconic Cross Front Jumpsuit, reduced to $8.99 (nope, that's not a typo!)

The Iconic Sheer Panelled Woven Blouse, reduced to $10.49

What do you think about the grey trend for Autumn?


  1. I adore grey and will definitely embrace it once again this A/W - love it with pink too.

  2. I go through stages with grey. Love it for layering with black but I have far too much black in my wardrobe at present. Hoping to find some time next week to start sorting and selling my wardrobe. It's all got to go.


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